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Re: Theos-World RE: Pedro again on "ORIGINAL TEACHINGS"

Sep 04, 2004 11:41 AM
by Morten N. Olesen


And that solution to that is flooding somewhere
along the lines of the Science of the Floodlights?

Floodlights and Science

There is this analogy about a man who had fleas in his bed.
He first put out the light, so that the insects could not see to
bite. This man was making assumptions which were logical
enough, but which did not work since he did not know how
to structure his experience. When someone told him that
fleas could bite in the dark, he still couldn't learn. He installed
floodlights to blind the fleas. This seemes to work, wonder of
wonders; but presently he found that he could feel them biting
How did the floodlights 'work'? The fact is, of course, that
the light so dazzled - him, that his attention was drawn from the
fleas, giving him the impression that they were not biting him
any longer. When he got used to the brightness, he begab to feel
the fleas again.
He still feels, we are told, that the success lies somewhere along
the road of floodlights. And he prizes his few brief hours of
freedom from bites.


We talk about time, place and people.
We talk about that one shall know people on their fruits.
We also talk about other issues. Some of them without form and ordinary
linear thought-patterns. 

The light is there.
The solution is there. 
We just need to be patient and not be to hasty to draw any conclusions.

M. Sufilight

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> Morten,
> It probably may be Nusruddin, our lamps are broke and our light isn't
> shining as bright as it could be, metaphor.
> John
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