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Re: Theos-World To Pedro & Anand: Serious Questions with Profound Implications

Sep 04, 2004 07:31 AM
by adelasie

Dear Katinka,

Yes indeed. There is only one Truth. All little truths come from that 
one Truth. All manifestation comes from one source. It is all a 
matter of one's point of view. How can any of us decide what another 
person needs to believe is true in order to serve as karma demands? 
If we look at the full moon from earth, we will describe it as a 
bright globe. If we look at it from outer space, we may describe it 
as a dark disk. Is one more "right" than another? Theosophy teaches 
us to make our own certain inalienable principles, laws of nature, 
and to measure what we encounter against them. But we have to do the 

Best wishes,

On 4 Sep 2004 at 6:32, Katinka Hesselink wrote:

> HI Adelasie,
> Are you saying that if Leadbeater says devachan is the opposite of
> what Blavatsky says it is - that both could be right? Or that if
> Bailey says to pray to a God and Blavatsky says that no God, except
> the higher self ought to be prayed to - that both could be right? In
> short: if there are clear contradictions, how can it be dependent on
> the observer?
> Katinka

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