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Re: Theos-World To Pedro & Anand: Serious Questions with Profound Implications

Sep 03, 2004 11:33 PM
by Katinka Hesselink

HI Adelasie,

Are you saying that if Leadbeater says devachan is the opposite of
what Blavatsky says it is - that both could be right? Or that if
Bailey says to pray to a God and Blavatsky says that no God, except
the higher self ought to be prayed to - that both could be right? In
short: if there are clear contradictions, how can it be dependent on
the observer?

--- In, "adelasie" <adelasie@s...> wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> Keeping in mind that HPB herself said that Truth is a many faceted 
> reality, all of which is seldom possible of view by one individual, 
> perhaps it is reasonable to make the assessment you request on a 
> personal level. If one reads the material produced and it "rings 
> true," it is beneficial. If it does not, it may not be suitable. But 
> who could say for another what material is best?
> As for all the controversy swirling around Masters, i.e. do they 
> exist, do they communicate through anyone, etc., I suggest that the 
> whole subject is far too mysterious for us to fully or competently 
> understand at this time. According to the ancient teaching, all human 
> beings are Masters in embryo, so to speak, all creation is a 
> hierarchical geometrical entity. Everyone is a part of the Lodge of 
> Masters, much in the same way that children are a part of their 
> family. If one is in doubt about the existence of Masters, perhaps he 
> or she has not found the place within where the Master dwells. 
> Adelasie
> Adelasie

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