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Re: Theos-World To Pedro & Anand: Serious Questions with Profound Implications

Sep 04, 2004 03:47 AM
by Morten N. Olesen

Hallo Daniel and all,

My views are:

The word "contact" meaning what?

If just in "contact" with.
Then I would without any hesitation say ALL of them.
And this i Knowledge, although some of you would question this.

M. Sufilight

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Subject: Theos-World To Pedro & Anand: Serious Questions with Profound

> There are numerous individuals, besides Annie
> Besant & C.W. Leadbeater, who claimed they
> were ALSO in contact with H.P. Blavatsky's Masters.
> I give BELOW a partial listing including the
> most prominent claimants.
> Do either one of you believe that ALL of
> these individuals were actually in contact with
> the Masters?
> And if your answer is "No" then could you
> please share with the Theos-Talk audience
> your reasons for accepting the claims of
> some while rejecting the claims of others.
> Daniel
> ===============================================
> Since HPB's death in 1891, NUMEROUS individuals
> have claimed contact with her Masters, stating
> that they were new "messengers" conveying further
> esoteric teachings.
> (1) William Q. Judge said he was in contact with HPB's Master Morya
> as well as the deceased HPB. Judge claimed he precipitated letters
> from Master M. and gave out further esoteric teachings.
> (2) Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater affirmed that they were in
> direct communication with HPB's Masters and the deceased HPB. They
> gave out various Theosophical teachings in their voluminous writings.
> (3) Katherine Tingley, the occult successor of Judge, said she was in
> contact with HPB's Masters and claimed to have met on at least two
> occasions the Master Morya in his physical body.
> (4) G. de Purucker, Tingley's successor, testified that the Masters
> M. & K.H. came to visit him in 1929 at Theosophical Society
> headquarters, Point Loma, San Diego, California. Purucker claimed
> that he was allowed to give out deeper esoteric teachings than HPB,
> Judge or Tingley had.
> (5) Alice Bailey said she was in contact with Masters K.H. and D.K
> and wrote more than 20 volumes of teachings said to be from D.K. She
> even gave out further installments of the Stanzas of Dzyan.
> (6) Mrs. Francia A. La Due (of the Temple of the People) gave out
> messages from the Masters, especially from Hilarion. She also
> published more Stanzas from the Book of Dzyan.
> (7) Guy Ballard (of the "I Am" Movement) claimed to be in
> communication with the Masters, especially St. Germain.
> (8) Helena Roerich (of the Agni Yoga Society) published some 13
> volumes of communications supposedly from the Master Morya.
> (9) Mark Prophet and his wife Elizabeth Clare (of the Church
> Universal and Triumphant) claimed to be the emissaries of the Great
> White Brotherhood and have channeled thousands of messages from El
> Morya, Kut Humi, the Virgin Mary, Hercules, Chastity and a variety of
> other Masters and entities.
> (10) Earlyne Chaney (of Astara) believed she was in communication
> with Kut-Hi-Mi and Zoser and other Masters of the Great White
> Brotherhood. She has given out various so-called esoteric and occult
> teachings.
> (11) Nada-Yolanda (of Mark-Age, Inc) has channeled numerous messages
> from M., K.H., and others Masters associated with UFOs.
> (12) Max Heindel, Rudolf Steiner and Geoffrey Hodson have claimed
> clairvoyant powers and to be in contact with various Masters -
> Rosicrucian, Theosophical or otherwise.
> (13) Other supposed communications from HPB's Masters have come from
> Brother Philip in his book titled Secret of the Andes, from Cyril
> Scott in his series of books starting with The Initiate, and from
> David Anrias in his book Through the Eyes of the Masters.
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