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Re: Theos-World Re: No reply to Bill Meredith's Excellent Post

Sep 03, 2004 11:14 AM
by Bill Meredith

Thanks Perry. This is an excellent post. I will be busy for the rest of the
weekend, but will try to respond after the holiday.


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Subject: Theos-World Re: No reply to Bill Meredith's Excellent Post

> Hi Bill and all.
> Just a couple of thoughts and a few quotes to speculate on this
> subject :
> "Now, an entity, that is passing through the occult training in its
> successive births, gradually has less and less (in each incarnation)
> of that lower Manas until there arrives a time when its whole Manas,
> being of an entirely elevated character, is centered in the higher
> individuality, when such a person may be said to have become a
> Regarding the Mahatma's and their "Chiefs" the way I understand
> what is presented is the Mahatmas belong to an Occult order.
> According to theosophical teachings as presented by HPB and her
> teachers the Cosmos is hierarchical .
> This hierarchy (I once heard Ken Wilber describe as a Whole-archy)
> is simply different levels of cosciousness and awareness
> I also heard the Occult Hierarchy described as different levels of
> responsibility rather than 'superiority' in the ordinary sense.
> Beings serving in different roles and functions.
> With knowledge inevitably comes power and with Occult knowledge
> comes Occult power.
> If knowledge is misused it becomes dangerous both oneself and to
> others.
> We are told that with the light the shadow follows with equal
> potential.
> Until a certain degree of initiation is reached we can "fall" and
> instead of manifesting Cosmic Harmony, work against that process.
> My understanding is Evolution is ongoing even the Chohans are an
> evolving beings.
> As are the `highest' planetary spirits...
> The Secret doctrine speaks of this Solar manvantara only in our
> dimention of consciousness.
> My understanding is there are different degrees of Adept, Manas
> being the principle to be fully Self realised at our human stage.
> The Mahatmas apparently slowed down their own progress and also
> would be karmically accountable for the information they released as
> this information is power bestowing, it can fall either side good or
> bad.
> The Mahatma saying "the less such "idiots" hear of our teachings the
> better in relation to the said quote.
> To me was out of concern for humanity as a whole as misuse of the
> powers that could and can be developed without the necessary ethical
> development could do more harm than good.
> This also ties in with why HPB kept warning of the dangers
> of "disfigured teachings" that encourage reckless development of
> psychic abilities used for selfish ends only.
> The passage below to me is related to the reason the Mahatma's did
> not want to encourage blind following or worship of gods of any kind
> as that would be the opposite to what they were hoping would result
> from the release of this information.
> "Faith in the Gods and God, and other superstitions attracts
> millions of foreign influences, living entities and powerful agents
> around them, with which we would have to use more than ordinary
> exercise of power to drive them away. We do not choose to do so. We
> do not find it either necessary or profitable to lose our time
> waging war to the unprogressed Planetaries who delight in
> personating gods and sometimes well known characters who have lived
> on earth. There are Dhyan-Chohans and "Chohans of Darkness," not
> what they term devils but imperfect "Intelligences" who have never
> been born on this or any other earth or sphere no more than
> the "Dhyan Chohans" have and who will never belong to the "builders
> of the Universe," the pure Planetary Intelligences, who preside at
> every Manvantara while the Dark Chohans preside at the Pralayas.
> Explain this to Mr. Sinnett (I CAN'T) -- tell him to read over what
> I said to them in the few things I have explained to Mr. Hume; and
> let him remember that as all in this universe is contrast (I cannot
> translate it better) so the light of the Dhyan Chohans and their
> pure intelligence is contrasted by the "Ma-Mo Chohans" -- and their
> destructive intelligence. These are the gods the Hindus and
> Christians and Mahomed and all others of bigoted religions and sects
> worship; and so long as their influence is upon their devotees we
> would no more think of associating with or counteracting them in
> their work than we do the Red-Caps on earth whose evil results we
> try to palliate but whose work we have no right to meddle with so
> long as they do not cross our path. (You will not understand this, I
> suppose. But think well over it and you will. M. means here, that
> they have no right or even power to go against the natural or that
> work which is prescribed to each class of beings or existing things
> by the law of nature. The Brothers, for instance could prolong life
> but they could not destroy death, not even for themselves. They can
> to a degree palliate evil and relieve suffering; they could not
> destroy evil. No more can the Dhyan Chohans impede the work of the
> Mamo Chohans, for their Law is darkness, ignorance, destruction
> etc., as that of the former is Light, knowledge and creation. The
> Dhyan Chohans answer to Buddh, Divine Wisdom and Life in blissful
> knowledge, and the Ma-mos are the personification in nature of
> Shiva, Jehovah and other invented monsters with Ignorance at their
> tail).
> Perry
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> > Bill wrote a post on July 27 which can be read at:
> >
> >
> >
> > I thought he brought up some good issues and was hoping
> > that a few readers might pursue these issues
> > in greater detail on this forum but as far as I know,
> > no one even said "boo" about Bill's points.
> >
> > I call attention again to his post and the
> > points he made.
> >
> > Daniel
> >
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