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Hubris here, who's there?

Apr 16, 2004 01:44 PM
by stevestubbs

--- In, "Eldon B Tucker" <eldon@t...> 
> ... or charged by Steve of being backed by a Republican-supported
> multinational conspiracy to destroy third-world countries in order 
to spend
> billions of dollars to rebuild them again because some evil 
dictator sits at
> the throne of the great devil of capitalism ...

I did not realize you were talking bout St. Germain. I got curious 
if Arthur Machen's excellent translation of Casanova's memoirs was on 
the Internet. It is. If you want to read abour what he said about 
SG you can search the book electronically (best by downloading the 
whole thing):

Incidentally, this book is regarded by bibliophiles as one of thre 
three greatest autobiographical masterpieces ever written. The other 
two are the autobio of Benvenuto Cellini and Confessions of 
Augustine, which is REALLY not to my taste. Casanova's memoir is 
clearly the best of the three. Check out his long account of his 
escape from the Inquisition prison in Venice. Far better than any 
story by Dumas and absolutely true.

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