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Re: Theos-World Theosophical Teachings vs. Theosophical Movement

Dec 26, 2003 09:47 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 12/16/03 10:17:58 AM, writes:

>My disagreement is on
>a) How different groups and especially groups in general adapts the
>theosophical teachings to time, place and people year 2003.
>How they promote on speech, writing and other communications the
>theosophical timeless wisdom. To promote TRUTH which is without form
>by the use of form - requires that one adapts the teachings to time, place
>and people. To use the english language on an arab newcomer will not always
>proove healthy ! (Do you not agree ?)

Pretty much so. But, I don't think that translating the Secret Doctrine into 
Arabic is such a bad idea. I also don't think that its metaphysics, the 
fundamental principles, or the ethical or moral implications have changed over the 
last 25,000 years. :-) Nor has its relationship to modern science, as they 
are approaching the theosophical metaphysics, changed. Nor is such science any 
different in Arabia than it is in Europe, China, Japan or America. I'm sure 
that if the Arab languages could be transliterated into English with no loss 
of meaning, such as the poems of Rumi and the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, 
and other Sufi scholars have been interpreted in English -- then the Secret 
Doctrine can also be interpreted in Arabic or Parsi or any other Persian or 
Islamic language. In fact, Arabic, as the language of the ancient Persian 
science, is much closer to Sanskrit than English is. But, that could only be done by 
a modern Persian Sufi with the language skills of a WQJ, at the least.

b) One shouldn't only relate the theosophical teachings with - present
>day science when fitting. Or present day science with the further 
>developments of science presentations by various quality theosophical 
>Spiritual Designs - a la Idries Shah and other authors could or should also
>be taken into account. Also spiritual authors on issues like Brainwashing.
>These issue could then if possible be compared with science. But spiritual
>designs like the ones Idries Shah has made in his books is in fact a
>science which is not understood in the Western countries and if so then only
>on superficial level in many circles.
>Also Sai Baba's teachings on the Heart Doctrine of Gupta Vidya is for sure
>an expansion on the teaching which so far has been forwarded by any
>theosophist since Blavatsky's days. (But of course the romours - whether
>true or not - surrounding Sai Baba makes his teachings look unimportant
>to many - even if he truely has helped many people.)

Nothing wrong with absorbing those teacher's views, and seeing the Truths of 
theosophy from such differing angles. Everyone's karma is different and these 
truths have to be seen from each person's individual point of view -- which 
may be preconditioned by their particular ethnic and cultural upbringing, their 
basis of native language, their current religious beliefs, etc. 

As for the teacher's personal life or foibles -- which may or may not be 
considered evil, immoral, or unethical in one culture or another. What difference 
does that make to the validity of his teachings, or the help he can give to 
those who accept him for what he is, and understands the truths of what he is 

>c) Also the use of drugs - science relation to that - and also theosophical
>teachings on this issue seems important. "Smoking" is one option !
>But of course some theosophist don't like to talk about what they themselves
>find to be - hot issues.

No big deal... What has that got to do with the extent of ones spiritual 
knowledge? One of my most profound teachers was a consummate alcoholic. Another 
one, A Darwish, couldn't live without his opium and his hashish. And a 
third, a brilliant scientist, philosopher, and Shaman seemed to spill out his most 
profound insights only when he was surrounded by Marihuana smoke.:-) And, 
some of my insights, in the earliest days of my study of theosophy, came when I 
was experimentally smoking pot and hashish back in the 60's and studying the 
Eastern mystics before I got into theosophy. That is, until I learned how to 
control those particular brain channels that lead to direct spiritual vision 
(which was opened by the psychotropic action of the herbal chemicals) without 
such help. Science knows that some of those same chemical analogs are 
manufactured by the brain, and may certainly contribute to our inner awakenings during 
deep meditation. The main problem with any of such drugs is their habitual 
use, which, like everything else not done in moderation, can lead to both 
physical and mental harm. The trick is to not let them become a habitual crutch, or 
use them indiscriminately, and harmfully for pointless recreation purposes. 

In any event, such acceleration of learning, sometimes helped by psychoactive 
drugs, but preferably by intelligent self induction methods, could be 
particularly important during this period of rapid changes in all fields of knowledge 
-- due to the ever accelerating asymptotic curve of scientific and 
technological developments during the past quarter century. It isn't this material 
science we have to learn, however, but the true science of Gupta Vidya. (See my 
current letter, following up the one below, referring to one of my science gurus 
and his accelerated initiation -- that had to be done that way due to his 
unusual karma.) 

The big problem is ... That our time is really running out -- more and more 
rapidly each day that we procrastinate, while we wait for someone else to 
fulfill the purpose of the Theosophical Movement. Before we know it, the 
approaching asymptote of science, technology, and population growth, may reach their 
peak, beyond which the Earth can no longer support them. And, then, it might be 
too late to do anything to divert the forces of approaching world collapse... 
When the accumulation and propinquity of things and people, including their 
waste products and conversions of natural resources into poisons spewed 
throughout the Earths biosphere become so condensed in time and space by the 
instantaneity of cause and effect -- that quantum-like microscopic indeterminacy 
effects will begin to spill over into the macro universe... Leading to the 
unpredictability and disorder of fundamental nature kicking back, and forcing every 
predictable thing that our material civilization depends on to maintain itself -- 
to come tumbling down in one resounding crash -- like Humpty Dumpty. 

Mankind's salvation, during this soon to come time of chaos, might be only if 
enough true "Theosophists" are able to avoid this disruption, and come 
together in new forms of self guided proactive groups capable of helping reorganize 
the world into a new form of civilization based on universal brotherhood 
within a practical unity in diversity -- so as to protect, as well as teach and 
guide the new 6th sub-race (that is destined to rise, like the phoenix, out of 
the ashes of the old one) in its infancy. How many of them are confusedly 
wandering around today in a haze of drugs, alcohol, sex, and a slew of other vices, 
fed by the mass media, computer games, and instant communication -- who have 
no idea where they are going or what is happening in the world around them? 
Many of them are even being sent off to war without the faintest idea of what 
they are fighting, being mutilated, or dying for. 

Can theosophists watch this happening without shedding a tear and doing 
something about it? Or, are we to continually go on being spectators of the world 
scene and looking out only for our own personal salvation? 

>Then we see the use of the words "smokescreening" and "clouding" the
>issue take their installment in the various "business as usual" theosophical
>groups - and a karmic circle are revealed to all of us who doesn't "smoke".

Either those groups start taking a common path of action that has already 
been shown to them by the Masters and HPB. Or, they will become, as HPB 
predicted, caught up in the backwash of the coming world karma and left stranded on 
the beach of vain regrets, while mankind is set back another million years of 
evolution -- as HPB warned. Maybe that's the problem. The clouds and 
smokescreens are in the minds of those group followers who think that the purpose of 
theosophy was to found a new religion, or for the individual salvation of its 
members rather than as a "movement" to spread broadcast the teachings that 
underlie the idea of brotherhood and promote the steady progression of human 
evolution and guide it through the confusing period of transformation from one 
evolutionary level to another. A dangerous period when such evolution could 
inadvertently be cut off in the bud due to our ignorance of our own true natures and 
our origins. That is, to give us the means whereby individual "nuclei" can 
come together to form the "seed" and "bud" that ultimately will lead to the 
final "flower" of Universal Brotherhood, along with the "Paradise on Earth" that 
HPB said was the goal of the Theosophical Movement. 

>Do mind. Do matter.
>Pull yourselves together and face the facts. Business as ussual are not
>an healthy option year 2003.

You can say that again. We certainly agree that "now is the time for all 
good men to come to the aid of their world." But that new form of business may 
have to be decided on soon by each of us individually, first within our own 
karmic circles, and then spread broadcast as far out as we can reach. It may 
already be that the handwriting is on the wall -- and the juggernaut of all our 
past accumulative racial karma, is getting too momentous to be diverted... 
Unless a good proportion of the people of the world can start pulling together in 
the same direction. Our real purpose, as individual theosophists working 
together to polish our means and methods, is to teach them what they need to know 
about the truths underlying the necessity of brotherhood, and show them how to 
express it -- by our example alone -- without preaching or proselytizing a 
new religion.

>But to keep Blavatsky's writings intact and use them as a vital core
>teaching - would not be stupid to at least some groups. - I think we can
>agree on that.
>As she said about thought-systems: "We cull the good we find in each."

"... and, gather them together, as a bouquet of flowers, into one consistent 
and unassailable Truth." No disagreement with that. But any group that 
thought it was stupid, would not be teaching the true Gupta Vidya that would be 
needed to support the independently free thinking yet undivided world that the 
Masters envisioned and Blavatsky wrote about for them -- and us.

with hope for the future through remembrance of the past, and appropriate 
wise action in the present. 


.M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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Subject: Theos-World Theosophical Teachings vs. Theosophical Movement

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> >b) Quoteing --- The Secret Doctrine vol1. page xxxviii INTRODUCTORY.:

> >"...The same may be said of the whole Esoteric system. One turn of the


> >and no more, was given in "Isis." Much more is explained in these


> >In those days the writer hardly knew the language in which the work was

> >written, and the disclosure of many things, freely spoken about now, was

> >forbidden. In Century the Twentieth some disciple more informed, and far

> >better fitted, may be sent by the Masters of Wisdom to give final and

> >irrefutable proofs that there exists a Science called Gupta-Vidya; and


> >like the once-mysterious sources of the Nile, the source of all religions

> >and philosophies now known to the world has been for many ages forgotten

> >and lost to men, but is at last found..."

> > (or try ULT's online

> >edition).

> >

> >Who has since 1975 taught Gupta-Vidya on a high and compassionate level ?


> Dear Sufi,


> Perhaps you should read more carefully what HPB said about the Masters of

> Wisdom "sending some disciple more informed, and far better fitted to give


> FINAL AND IRREFUTABLE PROOFS that there exists a SCIENCE called 

> Gupta-Vidya."

> That statement does NOT say sending more of the Gupta-Vidya -- which has

> already been given out on the highest and compassionate level since time

> immemorial, and can never be added to or subtracted from.


> A PROOF of the science of Gupta-Vidya is not the same as changing or

> adding to the Theosophical teachings -- but is simply a verification of 


> "Irrefutable proof," means exactly what it says. And such a proof, which, 

> HPB pointed out, means a demonstration that the SCIENCE of GUPTA-VIDYA

> --already completely given out as thoroughly as it could be in the Secret

> Doctrine, as well as in all the references to all the ancient scriptures 

> it -- is the final TRUTH of the way the Universe really is and actually 


> So, who is it that must bring such a proof?


> Why, a knowledgeable scientist (who may also be a theosophist) of course.

> Who else can devise a new scientific concept of reality that synthesizes

> all the modern sciences of today into a "Grand Unified Field Theory of

> Everything" (including consciousness and mind) -- that completely confirms 

> the theosophical metaphysics of Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis? 

> Wouldn't that, in its final analysis, be the complete Science of 

> as stated unequivocally in the Book of the Golden Precepts -- 

> which includes both the Book of Dzyan and the Voice of the Silence? 

> And, what more could anyone add to that totality?


> Isn't it obvious that, once such a new scientific paradigm merging and

> synthesizing all the modern sciences of relativity, quantum physics,

> biology, psychology, evolution, anthropology, physiology, chemistry, etc., '
> and linking them to the epistemology and ontology of mind and

> consciousness, can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt -- 

> and such a new paradigm becomes accepted as the true 

> basis of reality by all scientific disciplines -- it will also be accepted

> by all of mankind?... And, with it, all the truths of reincarnation and

> karma, as well as all the moral and ethical precepts they imply -- 

> compassion included?


> Therefore, isn't it also quite obvious that the "teaching" of theosophy and

> the "proof" of theosophical science are two different things, although

> interrelated? And, that the "New Messenger" and the "New Message" has

> nothing to do with adding to or changing the Science of Gupta-Vidya itself?


> All that will be accomplished by such a Messenger and Message, is to 

> the Three Objects of the Theosophical Movement -- of which the Science of

> Gupta-Vidya is simply the rock upon which they stand.


> Any additions brought to us with respect to the fundamental teachings

> themselves, would simply be applicable to that understanding of the means

> whereby each individual can attain enlightenment and self-realization -- 
> "so as to be better able to help and teach others" -- which each of us

> must find for ourselves through "our own individual self devised and self 

> determined efforts"...

> The final answers for which can only come through direct contact with one's

> Master within (with or without guidance from both living and dead Masters

> or Adepts). "Self-realization" belongs to each of us, as indivdual 
"nuclii" of

> universal brotherhood -- and not to our groups, the world, or Mankind and

> its evolution -- which is what the Theosophical Movement is concerned with.

> (Although,if we all were self-realized, the world would also be.)


> As an added thought, perhaps the Messenger who came in 1975 was one of the

> known or unknown scientists who first suggested multidimensional "string

> theory" that could soon lead to the final experiment that proves the 
universe is

> and works exactly the way it was explained in the Secret Doctrine.


> Incidentally, the final step that marries consciousness and mind to the

> physical multidimensional hyperspace theory of Superstrings and M-branes

> (today's contender as the final Theory of Everything) was first conceived 

> me in 1975 as the "theory of ABC" (based on the teachings I received 

> from a now deceased nuclear physicist, Dr. Philip Sebastian Percheron, who 

> was, besides a theosophist, an ordained Lama of the Nyingmapa, a nephew of 

> Gurdjieff, a personal friend of the late Panchen Lama, and the designer

> of the trigger mechanism on the Hiroshima A-bomb).


> Could "Doc Perch" be the New Messenger HPB was talking about? Could his

> "message" to and through me, be his final restitution for the karma he 

> back in 1945? And, am I, as well as those theosophists and scientists who

> read my stuff and might act on it, just one of the many "agents" or 

> that the Masters would have to place around any such Messenger -- who, 

> like HPB, couldn't expect to be here when such a message would be fulfilled?


> I'll leave it to you (along with the rest of us) to mull over all this and

> decide whether or not you agree that we have been talking, all along, about 

> different things. That is, the Theosophical Teachings vs. the Theosophical

> Movement -- which like consciousness and matter are ever to be separated,

> but always dependent on each other -- as above, so below.


> With that, I will continue to do my work toward helping prove the Science

> of Gupta-Vidya -- with the hope that you (and others of like mind) will 

> to do your best in reinterpreting and "spread broadcasting" the teachings in

> "the language of this age" so that it may be understandable to all those of

> differing ethnic and cultural backgrounds as well as karma. Some of them,

> could be among those who assist in helping prove the Science of 
> as well as carry on the further development of the Theosophical Movement

> towardachieving the final Universal Brotherhood of all Humanity -- long 

> both you and I have left this short scene in the vast history of the TM.


> Thank you for your input and questions -- that allowed me to further

> clarify these matters.


> Best wishes,




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