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re ULT, "blandness" and ...

Sep 22, 2003 07:58 AM
by Mauri

Yesterday, somebody wrote, on BN Study:

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Surely not ... But maybe there's some kind of what might be called a purposeful blandness, (comparatively speaking, in whatever sense ...), as in whatever "ULT context" ...

A while back, Dallas wrote to me: "No more what-ifs." Apparently my "what-ifs" and speculations (ie, my attempts to think for myself ) ought to have been, (according to Dallas?), eliminated or toned down (strategically, largely or entirely?) in favor of whatever might've been, apparently, a more faith-based (or Liberal Catholic, in a sense, maybe?) approach to the study of Theosophy? At least that's been partly the impression that Dallas has been giving me.

The only kind of what might be called a "faith-based approach" that might make "enough sense" to me has been one that might arise from whatever basically inner resource of mine. In other words, if, for whatever apparent reason, I feel the need to "think for myself" in whatever sense that my karma might present for me as being "applicable enough," then, "for better or worse," I may, or may not, follow through with such an approach. In any case, I feel that sooner or later we all face our karma, in whatever sense or context, (whether we see it as "bland," or otherwise).

But what if one were to think in terms of some kind of Theosophically applicable Zen-like sense/approach to an apparent "blandness" or a "minimizing of personality traits" in a ULT context? I'm wondering if something like that, in some sense/context, might be found to be relevant enough (ie, how such applicabillity might be variously, individually interpreted is beyond me, of course). And I wonder if a certain amount of some kind of what might be called "blandness" or "minimizing of personality traits" might not be a bad idea in a "Lodge" context, generally speaking, if it can be kept within some kind of "reasonable guidelines"---ie, even though we all might tend to interpret "reasonable guidelines" somewhat differently in practice, often enough?

Apparently my "reasonable guidelines" might somewhat generally tend to differ from Dallas's. But, then, apparently, my "reasonable guidelines" seem to somewhat differ from those of lots of people, so ... hee hee. For all I really know, my "reasonable guidelines" might differ so much, in so many places, that this post might not even get posted on BN Study (among other things ...), so ... hee hee.

Still, I have often found much useful info in Dallas's posts, and am thankful for Dallas's efforts. "Bland anonymity" doesn't bother me much, really---not that I would call Dallas's or ULT's efforts "bland," exactly, or devoid of personality traits
(if in spite of their best efforts at ... whatever).

But I tend to wonder if People in the West (as opposed to the mysterious East) might generally tend to find the appeal of their Thesophical studies decrease in proportion to the extent of perceived blandness in the various Theosophic presentations. Didn't HPB offer a "more colorful" model of Reality in such a way as to promote a larger interest in the West, specifically (in that, apparently, many in the West tend to find Zen, for example, too bland and too devoid of color and personality?)?


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