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Re: Theos-World Steiner and Hitler were contemporaries

Mar 10, 2003 07:13 AM
by netemara888

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> Hi Netemara and all of you,
> Thanks Netemara. The below remarks got me to meditate deeply - and 
I haven't
> finished yet....
> My views, which are only views and nothing else:
> To me there certainly is something nasty about the R. Steiner (in 
> circles known as "little Hitler") break away from Theosophical 
Society - and
> also the Krishnamurti Messiah - fanatism, which all of it happenend 
> before Hitler rose to power. And the result of that was the 
formation of the
> present United Nations - with its strange construction - The 
> Counsil, where some members has more right than others. The 
> members of the counsil, that is !
> (You know - we are all born equal, but some are more equal than 
> George Orwell "Animal Farm" !)
> The word "UBERMENSCH" creeps in when thinking about the present 
> Nations Security Counsil !
> The new Jew is now the Muslims, well at least to a certain degree.
> What a mesh...
> from
> M. Sufilight with peace and love...
Thanks for being open minded about my remarks. I was only sharing 
what I have experienced and the benefit of my vast meditation and 
reading on the subjects at hand. I have not read ALL of Steiner's 
works but I don't have to. I have not read all of Hitler's 
biographies nor all of Mein Kampf but I don't have to.


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> Subject: Theos-World Steiner and Hitler were contemporaries
> > I spent time carefully reading a couple of Steiner's works and if
> > THIS is not the inspiration for Hitler's words and deeds I don't 
> > what is. The thought that came to me when I read Steiner and 
> > the dates of their lives is that Hitler could have even been
> > occupying both bodies at one time! That's how similar their auras 
> > spirits were. But if you do compare the dates when Steiner died
> > forget the year, then immediately after that Hitler's power became
> > explosive. I mean everything he touched after that came to 
> > until his demise at the hands of the Allies.
> >
> > That is food for thought. Steiner's work is scary to me. His 
> > also believe in and channel a spirit named Michael. I am not sure 
> > that fits in but read him. He changed the name of his group from
> > Theosophy and changed its ideals as well. I can't read his works 
> > much because I am don't like the feeling of evil I get by 
> > coming out of his works. This is NOT the feeling I have ever 
> > from reading Blavatsky or from reading Bailey.
> >
> > Netemara
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