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Re: Theos-World Associative Thought

Feb 28, 2003 10:57 AM
by wry

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Subject: Theos-World Associative Thought

Hi. This is Wry. Last night I wrote:

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> Where is the light and how does it get to us? It comes to us from the sun
in the sky and sometimes at night via a light bulb. Think this over. If you
and I do not receive it fully (consciously), a certain substance will not be
formed, and because of this we will not be able to extend this substance to
each other in such a way that not only humanity can connect but also so that
we can serve as universal regulators, being a highly evolved form of
physical life. When we are not conscious enough to function as regulators,
things fall into great disorder. It has been happening for a long time.
Because people were lazy and did not make the effort in the past, this
situation is coming to fruit now. It is the result of laziness. I have been
lazy, too and still am. It is sad, but at least I refuse to small talk on
this list or any email list, as it is wasting too great a precious
opportunity. Tomorrow when I am about to small talk somewhere or other, I
will remember that I wrote this message and maybe because of this, it will
enable me to find my bearings and move in the right direction. Sincerely,

We THINK we will remember and then we don't, because a different association
comes up. I see someone who looks like someone else who made me angry
yesterday, and now, for a moment. I am angry and when I am angry I want to
eat candy but there is no candy so I go to the store. On the way to a store
I hear the birds singing so "I" start singing. It is gross.

This is different from having a conscious AIM. It is different because the
arrow of the aim always aligns me. I need to think what to do in such a way
that it corresponds with that aim. Everything must fit in, even that I need
recreation. But what is the aim? I do not want to admit it, but I will
probably choose anything that is related to the next association, if the
feeling is deep (pleasurable) enough. Also, I will overestimate my
capabilities. Therefore it is a good idea to set up conditions around me in
such a way that they will feedback to me so I can remember to at least focus
on myself enough to realize that things are just happening, so to speak, and
that "I" am not making them happen. When I begin to realize this, false
ideas will drop off and something else will gradually begin to form.

Quite honestly, I did not intend to wrtie this email, but when I read my
message of last night I realized that my own message was going in my own ear
and out the other. It is a matter of substance(s). If I can carry the
substance or the ink, if you want to call it that, of a real I or the
beginning of this I, into the day, in the form of a conscious aim, this is
at least a beginning.

There is food, air and light, so there are at least three diffrerent
substances that can be formed, each of which can only exist in relationship
to the other, but without intention there is no hope. The intention always
happens in the present moment as a conscious effort. What is the right
effort? I want impressions to enter my functioning in a way that is pure,
and not mixed up with mechanical associations, which are of a lower quality
and actually dirty. It is very simple. As anything "I" think is really just
a reaction that results from an associative complex, it is better just to
watch the body, as if from outside, as it moves around. If it is painful,
this is the beginning of a sacred process of decrystalization, but most
people will not be able to do experience this pain as they will convince
themselves that they already have the quality of full self awareness and
that there does not need to be a lengthy and ongoing process of impartial
verification. This is the nature of human lying by ordinary "good" people
which has led to the present situation in Iraq and other similar situations
in the world today. I am not speaking as a teacher, but simply trying to set
up a situation so that I myself, along with others, can develop to my full
potential, which is my birthright as a human being. When I strive daily to
do this and dedicate my life to such a pursuit, then there is hope, as the
simple pragmatics (physical qualities) of my present situation, on this
earth. becomes the means to an evolutionary process rather than a
degeneration. When something from outside, with no opinion, verifies myself
as I am., then an I that is more permanent and not based on random
associative processes can begin to be formed Sincerely, Wry

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