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Re: eeg tests

Feb 27, 2003 10:31 PM
by Steve Stubbs " <>

--- In, Mic Forster <micforster@y...> 
> Bart,
> Where are you pulling these tests from?

Yes, I agree. My understanding is, when blood supply is vut off from 
the brain, it takes a full thirty seconds to cause unconsciousness. 
The reason I know this is, we were taught in kung fu classes of 
someone pits a "sleeper" hold on you (pressure on both carotid 
arteries) you have thirty seconds to defend yourself if you want to 
live. Two minutes are required to cause death, so that if you are 
defending someone else, there is still time even if the person you 
rescue loses consciousness. There is a Methodist "preacher" who used 
to live here who tried to murdder his wife (he had a girl friend) and 
then tried to murder his son when the kid caught him trying to murder 
his wife. Preachers are apparently not taught the fine points of 
murder in theology school and he failed with both because he confused 
unconsciousness with demise.

The wife is in a nursing home with brain damage. The son has been in 
psychiatric care ever since. For reasons nobody understands, the 
Methodist man of God got away with it and skipped out to California, 
where he proceeded to embezzle money from a Presbyterian church. 
Despite his contention that "I still have a sermon or twoi in me" he 
was stripped of his credentials and is no longer a Methodist. He may 
still want to preach at people, but nobody in this area wants to hear 

His girl friend giot tired of him and returned to Texas.

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