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Re: Theos-World Re: white brotherhood and war

Feb 26, 2003 12:22 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>And which war will happen if America is not going to war against Saddam? More
>rhetoric: 'the war to end wars', we have heard that one many times before. As

Actually, exactly this argument was used on the 100th Anniversary Congress of the German Adyar Section in July 2002 at Berlin's Protestant Church Headquarters.
It was said - in presence of the Masters, including Krishnamurti and HPB - that now "we" must do the evil to stop war once for all and clean the planet.
Those Theosophists who did only good deeds in the past cannot cooperate in this planetary cleansing, because they are not experienced enough in the evil.
Only those who are experts in the evil doing have said to be selected from the Masters for the Holy War against dictators.

That Adyar theosophists not only claim what they say but do it was proofed directly at the Congress when a woman from the Netherlands was presiding the "discussion group" (this term from the program), forbidding any discussion. Further proof of evil doing for the best of the huma race was also given by International President Mrs Radha Burnier in her Questions & Answer hour where she condemned any questions as unbrotherly and untheosophical she did not like.
Some observers asked where the difference between a theosophical and a Communistic organization is.

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