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Re: Theos-World Re: white brotherhood and war

Feb 21, 2003 04:49 PM
by Theo Paijmans


If you refer to America, talking about 'a country that I hate', I hate to
dissapoint you. There is no hate in me. I don't hate the United States. In fact,
you would be amazed at how many friends I have there. Sorry yes, I do feel sorry
for this once great nation, rapidly turning into a charnel house of the obese,
the homeless, and the deaf, dumb and blind.

This is not about hate, but about not feeling, caring, living. How can you be the
judge of which innocent person is to die and who not? The arrogance of even
typing up your words, when you do not even *feel* what it will be like.

And which war will happen if America is not going to war against Saddam? More
rhetoric: 'the war to end wars', we have heard that one many times before. As
soon as you are willing to sacrifice your beloved ones on the anvil of war that
you so desperately cling to, I can't take your answer serious. Because there is
no *feeling* in it. Not a grain.

Best regards,


Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> Theo Paijmans wrote:
> > The lesson of history is that, because of all this war drum banging, in the
> > end innonect people will die a horrible, undeserved death.
> And, without a war, far more innocent people will die a horrible,
> undeserved death. Of course, if you refuse to recognize unity, and look
> at every event as totally unrelated to every other event, you won't give
> a damn about the death of innocents. All you care about is that a
> country you hate might benefit in the process.
> Bart Lidofsky

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