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Re: Theos-World Re: white brotherhood and war

Feb 20, 2003 04:49 PM
by Dennis Kier

Today I got on the Web, and wrote to all my elected representatives
and told them that I am an American Veteran of the Korean War, and
that I vote in every election, and that all those Fellow Travelers,
Socialists, and mobs that never vote, but try to influence elected
officials by Mob Rule do not represent me.

I reminded them of Neville Chamberlain who got "Peace in Our Time" by
appeasing a dictator. In his case, "Our Time" was remarkably short,
and contributed to making the war more costly to Britain, and the rest
of the world.

Let us hope that we do not have to learn the lessons of history by
repeating them.


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> Well said. Germany's peace position (which is not an ostrich
position) in the
> UN Security council was denounced by the "falks" in Brainwashington
as "disloyality"
> and "isolation" of herself.
> Last Saturday 10 million people over the world demonstrated that
rather those in the
> governments in the USA, Britain and Spain have isolated from their
own citizens.
> The present situation looks remarkable similiar to the situation of
> Do the nations follow blind an old astral track? Is there no escape?
> "Katherine Tingley uttered a truism when she said "Unbrotherliness
is an insanity
> of the Age." Therefore our "enemy", as Theosophists, should not be
this or that
> nation, but the act of unbrotherliness. When therefore a nation or
alliance of nations
> sets up to fight another nation, or alliance of nations, it is
culpable of an immoral
> act against Humanity.
> What other alternative we have? Norman Angell, the protagonist of
> Peace, once said, "I look forward to a time when at the inception of
war, all the
> other nations will be ready to rush to the conflagration to put it
out, like a fire."
> It is nobody's business separately, but everybody's business
collectively to stop
> the conflagration. But as long as we are inflamed by nationalism or
hatred of other
> people, or what is still more ignoble and foul, by turning to war as
a means of
> swelling our bank account, we are building up for ourselves a
veritable Hell."
> - Arthur A. Beale, "Moral Issues: Where Do We Stand?", The
Theosophical Forum,
> Point Loma, vol. XVI No. 6, June 1940, p. 419.
> Frank

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