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Re: Theos-World hybrid offshoot/a direct consequence of the bloody riots

Feb 15, 2003 02:10 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Frank Reitemeyer wrote:
Bart writes:
Other than the insulting nature of that message, I would like to note that the last question would bring you a bunch of blank stares in the United States.

Ha, ha. Seems that in the US retro Darwinism rules: The most stupid one survive... :-)
But that can hardly be a pukka theosophical axiom.
What about the money caste in the USA?
Certainly we have class in the United States. But it is not defined by hard boundaries. The works of people like Vance Packard and Paul Fussel, for example, show that while class does exist in the United States, the class lines are VERY blurred. In any case, my point is that, while some people are right in the middle of a class definition, people are not normally labeled by what class they belong to, especially since class labels differ from person to person. For example, Elizabeth Grubman, a wealthy press agent who came into the news by plowing her SUV into a crowd of 15 people, was labeled upper class by many newspapers. But, if you met her on the street, her mannerisms shout out lower middle class. But she also has a lot of influential contacts in the film industry, which makes her part of the Hollywood class.

Bart Lidofsky

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