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Re: Theos-World hybrid offshoot/a direct consequence of the bloody riots

Feb 14, 2003 12:19 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Katinka, I am but a German and of course I do not know so well what the Germans think as a girl from the Netherlands.
How many Germans do you know? And to which class do they belong?

Solving this riddle of misunderstandings would need a key of understanding of what we talk about - about that what really is or about that what it is made believe that is?

That runs parallel to the different understanding what Theosophy is and Theosophy is not.
And that runs also parallel to the question what is the Jewish interpretation and what is the Aryan interpretation.
On this level we could agree that we disagree beginning from this axioms downwards to all detail questions.

BTW, of course you can in Germany also meet people who are re-educated and are blind believers in the official Judeo-American press here. But what in the USA is the rule is in Germany the exception. More and more academics say in German talk shows that they are shocked of the low intellectual level in USA and that the Jewish swindle propaganda of Fox and CNN is believed by many in USA. Of course the same is printed in Germany, as the forces behind are the same, but the people do not believe it, despite the fact that since 50 years the Germans are hold down by 71.000 US soldiers in our land, inclusive 400 atomic bombs and other nice Jewish toys.
But since the 9-11 hoax I have met only 3 or 5 persons who believe the US propaganda and that are little workers. 

If you speak of the more educated middle and higher classes I have never met anyone who another opinion than I and that is not the result of self fulfilling prophecy as I usually let speak the other first. Also I have many Turkish, Austrian and Russian friends in Berlin and this people think as the Germans do.
In fact, I have never heard that an educated Frenchman, German, Russian or Austrian believes in the Osama Ben Ladin, the Iraq, the Space Shuttle Discovery & Columbia hoaxes.
And a growing number of people does not believe in the Apollo moon landing in 1969.

And - that will shock you, don't - a silent majority does not believe in the Holocaust stories, but I am sorry not able to go into details as we have a law that forbids people (even historians) to study this subject. It is a de facto and de jure religion with temples, with dogmas, with punishment. Also around 80% if not more do not believe that we are a democracy or that we were "liberated" by the US gangsters. Many aged Theosophists have reported of what the US GI's have liberated them from: their houses, their apartments, their money, their health, their possessions, their homeland, their culture, their believe in humanity.

It is high time that Germany breaks the Judeo-American vampire slave chains! Germany the Germans and America the Americans! What do 71,000 US GI's in Germany 60 years after the war? Do their still fear that the German spirit of Brotherhood will re-erect as the phoenix out of ashes?

It seems the gangster clique in Brainwashington has not learned well the historical lesson from the first two World Wars. And it is interesting to know that the German spirit of peace and Brotherhood of the warrior caste (and leading a war was really an art in ancient times as Joseph Fussell once pointed out at the eve of WWII) was followed by the German government, independent of which outer form they had: Autocracy, Democracy, Dictature, satellite state of the City oligarchy.

What a luck that my English is too poor, otherwise I could shock the list members with other truths. And of course is TRUTH not subject to figures, don't?

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I don't think Frank's opinion is representitive for most german 


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