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Join world wide peace demo - Support Peace and the German way

Feb 14, 2003 12:19 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Saturday, Febr 15th, world wide mass demonstrations in all major cities for peace and against World War III!
30 millions are expected!

As until now no (so-called) "theosophical" organization made a call for peace, no true Theosophist should should fail to sound his/her voice tomorrow!

This events tomorrow will justify the "German way" (as Gerhard Schroeder said), giving the proof that the silent majority think as the Germans do and not as the "parasites of the press" (HPB), the "money caste" (HPB) and the falks in Brainwashington want us to think.

"God bless Iraq!" (Pope Johannes Paul II. today)

BTW, when in 1913 the same forces as today were going to war against Brotherhood and Humanity, it was the Theosophical Society (the mother society under Katherine Tingley, not their exoteric offshots in Adyar and USA) who launched peace congresses!
Why do we hear nothing today of the theosophical groups? Is that the result of a conspiracy? And who would profit from holding down Theosophy?
It seems that today an average church group has more theosophical thoughts and does more Theosophy than the so-called members of organizations of that name.

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