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Re: Theos-World hybrid offshoot/a direct consequence of the bloody riots

Feb 15, 2003 01:04 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Bart writes:
Other than the insulting nature of that message, I would like to note 
that the last question would bring you a bunch of blank stares in the 
United States.

Ha, ha. Seems that in the US retro Darwinism rules: The most stupid one survive... :-)
But that can hardly be a pukka theosophical axiom.
What about the money caste in the USA?
Do the Rothschilds print the US Dollar or do they not?
Is your argument that of the Communists: All are equal, but we are more equal?
When all elites are destroyed (except perhaps a single one, working for its own welfare), and all citizens are pressed down the lowest possible level: is that really equal, is that just to themselves and to others? Do you think that this model will survive for long? Actually, the US system were crached down in the 1920's had it not been for Roosevelt and his Dracula doctrine to steel the wealth of all the world. And now, after 70 years of vampirism the victim nations are becoming rebels against the US terror.
How long will the US system survive if the US could be stopped to vampirize the rest of the world? Could you life on your own? And if, what blocks you to do so?

Katherine Tingley as successor to HPB always taught that support for Theosophy must not be searched for in the lower class, because they grasp it not and are therefore of no help.
The fact, that the theosophical groups - at least in Germany - are peopled only by pensionists and from the low class seems to be the reason why nobody of today feels the duty to care for the cause and work one iota for it.
Bart, you claim by words that in the USA the people are so equal - a well known US rhetoric, but it's hardly the truth, just a Masonic Masoretic Mosaic lie.

On the contrary, it is well known fact in Europe maong academics and people you know the US for themselves for many years, that there is hardly any other country in the world where the discrepancy between the classes, between poor and rich is so BIG AS IN THE USA.

Many in the US have a low education, and the press is reported as very onesided. Many have no or a low pension and health insurance and no or only fews rights as a worker, the hire and fire policy is normal in the US.

In fact, the satanic oligarchy, which tries to slaughter half of the humankind - refering to their alleged God, which may only be a lower astral daemon, has its seat in the US!
Perhaps it was that reason why HPB and also Rudolf Steiner made several warnings, that especially the USA are becoming black magic, which seems to be in full swing now.

And judging from a moral, spiruatl, theosophical point of view, the USA is a terror state, a Moloch, a monster, hunting one nation after the other.
One hundred years ago when Germany was alone and saw the dangererous development in the USA for the rest of the world, the most terrible crimes out of the hell under the mask of sweet words, cant and hypocrisy, the world did not understand that so much evil is possible and were tricked out by the US lie propaganda, therefore the little Germany had to fight heroic against a seduced armada of 70 nations for years.

But in the mean time the world ha learned and experienced the cant and hypocrisy of the Americans very well.

Today Germany is supported by France, Belgium, Russia, China, Austria.
And that are one those who are vigorous. When it once would turn out that there is a real chance to destroy the satanic USA, there would join many other nations Germany's coalition, not to forget Japan (the Pentagon PR movie Pearl Harbor being the last howler of US rhetoric) and nearly all middle and south America.

>From a realistic and logical and theosophical point of view there are two rogue states today in the world: USA and Israel, sometimes called USrael.
I am deeply convinced that HPB, would she be with us visible today, would not hesitate to write flaming editorials against that what was becoming the USA from 1913 onwards.

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