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Re: Theos-World hybrid offshoot/a direct consequence of the bloody riots

Feb 15, 2003 01:52 AM
by leonmaurer

Let's get our history straight. Actually, it was the Americans who liberated 
Italy France and Germany, since it was not only their physical entrance into 
the war in 1941 (not 44) after the attack on Pearl Harbor -- when both Japan 
and Germany declared war on the US... But also the help they had given 
England since 1939 under the Lend Lease program of Roosevelt, as well as the 
strategic bombing of Europe after 1942 that helped reduce the German Air 
Force and thereby protect England from the continued bombing and possible 
invasion of London.

Also, the Russians would have never been able to help the British and 
Americans defeat the Germans if it wasn't for the Lend Lease guns, planes, 
trucks, ships, food, oil and other strategic materiel we gave them, as well 
as to the British and other allied armies and partisans such as Polish, 
French, Greek, Indian, etc. In fact if the Americans hadn't invaded Europe 
through Italy and France in 1944, and tied up the major German armies on the 
Western Front for two years, the Russians would never have been able to push 
the Nazi's sparse eastern front forces (that were decimated during the brutal 
winter of 44) all the way back to Berlin (which the Americans allowed them to 
do, even after all the German Generals had surrendered to the US). Actually, 
the US troops were on African soil almost three years before the War ended. 
The first year and a half after the US entry into the war in 1941-42 was 
spent tooling up war industries and building up a formidable Army, Air Force 
and Navy that would enable them in 1943 and 1944 to launch massive land, air, 
and sea attacks on both the Japanese and the Germans simultaneously. 
Remember, the US started at the end of 1941 with practically no useful Navy, 
Army or Air force. 


In a message dated 02/13/03 3:50:45 PM, writes:

>Well, it wasn't exactly the Americans who liberated France and Germany, as
>they entered the war on European soil in 1944, one year before the 2nd world
>war ended. The same, by the way in the 1st world war, when America entered
>in 1917, again, a year before the war ended. Of course, the Canadian/American
>efforts did contribute to the final outcome.
>Nazi Germany was almost brought to its knees in 1944 owing to the relentless
>Russian offensives. Nazi Germany would sooner or later have collapsed through
>the sheer devastation of these offenses.
>"Katinka Hesselink " wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I don't think Frank's opinion is representitive for most german
>> people.
>> Katinka
>> --- In, "Dennis Kier" <dennw3k@e...> wrote:
>> > Somehow, I am not convinced. Is this line of thought prevalent in
>> > Germany?
>> >
>> > After all the American Taxpayer money we spent liberating the
>> Germans
>> > and the French, --, well, I think we should pull our troops and
>> bases
>> > out of Germany and France, and save the taxpayer's money. I am not
>> > sure why we keep spending money over there propping up those
>> > governments.
>> >
>> > I suppose it is too much to expect that they pay back some of the
>> > money we spent over there the last 50 years?
>> >
>> > Dennis (an American Taxpayer)

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