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Re: Theos-World apologies

Feb 15, 2003 00:42 AM
by Etzion Becker

No one can learn it, you have to give it. But it only shows that mere
learning of book knowledge doesn't bring us to the promised land. I don't
know what to say, try to serve those who are in trouble, like in hospitals,
the mentally sick, maybe adopt a cat, dogs know how to love, better than
humans, etc. At least try not to hate anyone. But I think I know, a little,
where the problem lies - the opening of the heart to love all without fear,
is frightening to most of us. We are afraid that people will take advantage
of us. I am just trying to think loudly - I had to start from zero one. Even
my Master gave me a droplet of divine love to taste, I had to do much work
in order to give it to the world with a fearless heart, and there lots more
to discover. You can develop a loving heart only on Earth, and that's why
you took this incarnation. I wish you and all of us success in this
wonderful undertaking. Etzion
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> Hi Etzion,
> I appreciate what you say and I've looked inside for
> that love but it just isn't there. There is no doubt
> that I still have much to learn.
> Kind Regards,
> Mic

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