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Re: Theos-World meditation techniques

Feb 12, 2003 09:33 AM
by nama_sivam

I am Namasivayam, born in 1954 in Madurai and settled in Chennai,
Tamilnadu, India. Between the ages of 35-45. I have suffered a lot due to
illness. As advised by my cardiologist, I learned Simplified kundalini
of Vedathri Maharishi. Now I have fully recovered from all my illness
practicing meditation.

During the course of meditation I have been experiencing visual images
of Cosmic Travel. As suggested by my intuition I have recorded about 300
I want to share my experiences with the people who are in need of spiritual
I have made some discussion with certain people.

I have also joined some groups and presented my experiences. Now I have
started a new group
Iam whole heartedly welcome everybody for joining
this group and we shall discuss about
Kundalini yoga
visual images
cosmic travel
conservation of spiritual energy
spiritual healing etc,

pl. see my photos and offer your opinion

see also my web page

pl. visit

My Email Id:

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Subject: Theos-World meditation techniques

> Good evening,
> I have noticed that I am entering a rather stressful
> period in my life. I have never felt such pressure but
> with each passing day I am feeling it more.
> If you have the time, could anyone please share some
> meditation techniques they may know that will enable
> my physical body to pass through this period.
> Thank you for your consideration,
> Michael Forster
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