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Feb 12, 2003 10:53 AM
by wry

Hi. This material about Devachans that has recently been put out here is a perfect example of the point I was attempting to make. I hope I am not going to be kicked off of here for expressing my opinion. 

#1. There is no way to VERIFY much if not all of this material. It has to be taken on faith. 

#2. The function of putting this material is IMMATERIAL. There is another way of saying it is pouring from the empty into the void as there is no true connection point that is grounded to a person or LINK to the person trying to function in his regular day to day life and free himself from his attachment to material. It is pretty obvious that as a person becomes purified from his defilement's, "he" will be attached to less material or material will configure differently in relationship to him and "he" will configure to material in a different way, and that this is to be desired, so it is unnecessary to dwell on this point. But even worse, this kind of material encourages fantasy and the illusion that one is OR IS GOING TO BE connected to something purified when this is not necessarily the case.

#3. This is the most important point, so please pay attention. The putting out of this material is AT SUCH A TIME and IN SUCH A FORM INTERRUPTS THE FLOW AND SEQUENCE of any kind of group attentiveness that is beginning to be connected to any real active force. By active force I mean the beginning of a certain kind of vibrational frequency within a human being that is related to push not slip in such a way that a grounded stability can be established which is the beginning stage of what can ultimately lead to, IN ONE LIFETIME, the interconnection of the human functioning in such a way that the different centers of the human body oscillate in harmony, in relationship to each other AT APPROPRIATE SPEEDS which will automatically lead to the formation of the emanation body which is a MATURE human soul. If anyone here does not think this material is specific, maybe you should read it again. And bear in mind that without the earnest and well-intentioned efforts of Dallas to help people, the writing of this present message could not have occurred.

Some final notes: re what is called in Mahayana a "deva". devas are human beings who are born into this life in a seemingly favored position in that things go very easily for them, in large part because, do to the surrounding causes and conditions of their births and upbringings, they have little internal conflict and are sort of bland. These people still have karma but they are unable to develop any further as there is not enough contrast, and therefore motivation to develop and are therefore, from a Buddhist position, to be pitied, as they are unable to participate in generating what is called the greater or unconventional boddhichitta and are therefore unable to help free either themselves or other sentient beings from their suffering.

Finally, unless there is an opposing force to contrast a this to a that, there will continue to be more and more slip, as people have no way to actively use irrelevant material such as that about the devachans, as people have no way to correlate it to anything meaningful that is based in physical reality and therefore, like attracts like, which is other material of the same ilk, such as. for example, meaningless political messages which cannot and will not affect anything except to further establish an involutionary tendency. We cannot know what would happen if I did not make this present message, but we can extrapolate the end result from previously known conditions.

I would also like to mention that in Tibetan Buddhism, when such material is presented, it is in the logical flow and sequence of an active teaching situation where there is a certain quality of attention and conscious effort, so it does not take on a life of its own as a destructive elemental or whatever you want to call it.
When this material is focused upon in the wrong way, it can becomes a destructive in the sense that it eats the possibility of achieving actual transformation in the here and now.. Real knowledge is not just about ideas, but also about the way to present them.

Dallas, if you have been a student of theosophy for sixty years, and, through no fault of your own, do not understand this. this tells me not only something about you but also something about theosophy. (It is not bad or good, so don't go there. At least "Is" is usable.) Love, Wry

p.s. I have noticed the number of members on this list has been going up again at the same time there is a LESSER volume of message. In my opinion, this is very much to be desired. though now that I have mentioned this, people are so contrary that the volume of messages will probably go up. I wonder if the membership will ever reach above two hundred. 

Some people in the past mentioned something about wanting to learn the "language of the ancients." How badly do you want to learn it? 

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