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Re: Theos-World A. Besant. parallel lines and in full sympathy

Feb 11, 2003 02:30 PM
by Jeremy Condick

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> Feb 10 2003
> Dear Friend :
> In regard to your quote. Could you let me have the precise location
> of this ?
> I don't recognize it. I need Book title and page,
> Dallas

Dear Dallas,

So sorry for the late reply my friend. I see Katinka has quickly responded
with the relevant info. Many thanks for that K.

A Besant was indeed a "Big Spirit" as described by Master Morya. She was a
true Theosophist also, but more importantly a Great Soul! Master DK states
in Esoteric Psychology II.
"Annie Besant in her Study in Consciousness sought to avoid the error of
materialism and to voice a real vision of the truth, but words themselves
are limiting things and oft veil and hide the truth. Her book, therefore, is
of definite value. EPII. AAB. DK.

"Of course, Mead did not write badly, but probably A. Besant wrote best of
all about Blavatsky, because she herself was a big spirit; yet she did not
give a full biography of this self-sacrificing life. LHR II. Master Morya.
Helena Roerich.

24 August 1936 "You ask how you should react to the "Call of the Mother of
the World" issued by the T. Society. I would suggest that you accept it in a
friendly and sympathetic way. In the Epoch of the Mother of the World we
must welcome every mention of her. And why be surprised that A. Besant could
write it? Master Morya. Helena Roerich.

Three excellent references from Three Masters Of The Wisdom. Not a bad CV.

Kind Regards

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> Subject: Theos-World A. Besant. parallel lines and in full sympathy
> Meanwhile use every effort to develop such relations with A. Besant
> that
> your work may run on parallel lines and in full sympathy; an easier
> request
> than some of mine with which you have ever loyally complied.
> You may, if you
> see fit -- show this note to her, only. In travelling your own thorny
> path I
> say again courage and hope. This is not an answer to your letter.
> Yours ever truly,
> K. H.
> Mahatma Letters.
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> many<<<<<
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