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RE: meditation techniques

Feb 11, 2003 03:56 AM
by dalval14

Feb 11 2003

Dear M and Friends:

Sorry you feel under pressure.

I think we all go through periods like that from time to time. So a
few words of comfort, and possible advice might be the following.
(This is strictly the result of my own devising, using as a guide some
of the ideas that Theosophy advances as its psychology based on the
immortality of the human Soul/Mind and the justice of universally
acting Karma/Law. )

Consider taking the position that :--

You as a spiritual EGO are an immortal being, so whatever the stress
you will never be killed, rubbed out, or lost. You are always in
control of your decision making faculty, even when besieged by
worries, trials, moral problems, doubts, etc... all those come from
the lower self or outside of you as your Karma from the past putting
you under test and trial. They seek to overwhelm the Higher Mind in
us, that ought to be always in command, and make it vulnerable to the
methods used by those things that attack. So first those ought to be
identified and if necessary a marshalling of our "mental defenses"
should take priority over anything else.

We need: 1. to understand what is happening and, 2. what we can
do about it.

What then goes under stress it is the Higher aspect of the DUAL mind.
The Higher Mind is under siege from its twin brother the Lower Mind.
Why is that ? It is because the MIND of MANKIND is always midway
between SPIRIT (ideals) and IGNORANCE and SELFISHNESS (the base and
animal side of our natures).

Because the Lower mind that is always focused on desires and personal
protection feels that its superior brother THE HIGHER MIND is not
paying it enough attention and allowing it the leeway it formerly got,
it rebels. It then creates moods of uncertainty and doubt. We need
to analyse these.

The method I devised was to sit down with a blank piece of paper and
draw a line down the center

On one side I put down my doubts and the feelings I had that created
the mood. On the other side I tried to put down the solutions. So I

These solutions may be of several, but basically, they are of two

1 -- those which the Lower Mind devises, and

2 -- Those that the Higher Mind puts forward as ideals and impersonal

Thus the conflict is identified. But one has to be very, honest and
sincere about putting these things down or this method won't work. No
excuses can be accepted or advanced.

The interesting thing is that we already have the answers stored up in
the Higher Mind, but to identify them and make the Lower Mind
understand we have to patiently set them down for careful
consideration and re-consideration. Try it, it might work for you.

One of the benefits we derive from this is, I think a clearing up of
worry. We know what is the problem and we have it in front of us so
we can deal with it. But it is WE who have to Deal with it.

Some people think we can blame others, our parents, school companions,
events, etc ... but on honest review it is found that we either
accepted or adopted those without exercising our power of independent
judgment. It is in the past of course, and we suffer from that now.
It is an example of Karma working. We, today, are what we have made
of ourselves over time.

Let me see if I can find something else to help -- another 's
experience. He wrote:


"A few moments' reflection will show you that we make our own storms.
The power of any and all circumstances is a fixed, unvarying quality,
but as we vary in our reception of these, it appears to us that our
difficulties vary in intensity. They do not at all. We are the
variants." p. 36

"...we daily and hourly feel the strain. Accept the words of a fellow
traveller; these: Keep up the aspiration and the search, but do not
maintain the attitude of despair or the slightest repining. Not that
you do. I cannot find the right words; but surely you would know all,
were it not that some defects hold you back.

The darkness and the desolation are sure to be ours, but it is only
illusionary. Is not the Self pure, bright, bodiless, and free -- and
art thou not THAT? The daily waking life is but a penance and the
trial of the body, so that it too may thereby acquire the right
condition. In dreams we see the truth and taste the joys of heaven. In
waking life it is ours to gradually distil that dew into our normal
consciousness. ( p. 36-7)

"What then is the panacea finally, the royal talisman? It is Duty,
Selflessness. Duty persistently followed is the highest yoga, and is
better than mantrams or any posture, or any other thing. If you can do
no more than duty it will bring you to the goal. And, my dear
friends...the Masters are watching us all, and that without fail when
we come to the right point and really deserve They manifest to us. At
all times I know They help and try to aid us as far as we will let

Why, the Masters are anxious (to use a word of our own) that as many
as possible may reach to the state of power and love They are in. Why,
then, suppose they help not? As they are Atman and therefore the very
law of Karma itself, They are in everything in life, and every phase
of our changing days and years. If you will arouse your faith on this
line you come nearer to help from Them than you will recognise."
(p. 68)

"118.	...we are tried in subtle ways that surpass sight, but are
strong for the undoing of him who is not prepared by right thought and
sacrifice to the higher nature for the fight.

Patience is a great thing, and will work in more ways than one, not
only in personal life, but in wider concerns. ...the need of mental
discipline...of compelling yourself to serious reading and thinking,
even though for a short time each day.

if you have been in any way...indulging in psychic thoughts or visions
or experiences, these would be a cause for the trouble, and should be

"What room is there for sorrow and what room for doubt in him who
knows that the Self is one, and that all things are the Self, only
differing in degree." thinking much on the same thing ["all
things are the Self ] ...he soon gets a new will and a new belief, and
from it will come strength and also light. It is purely occult,
simple, and powerful.
( pp. 118-9 -- from: Judge's -- LETTERS THAT HAVE HELPED ME.)


I hope some of these ideas might help

Best wishes ,



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From: M
Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2003 2:15 AM
Subject: meditation techniques

Good evening,

I have noticed that I am entering a rather stressful
period in my life. I have never felt such pressure but
with each passing day I am feeling it more.

If you have the time, could anyone please share some
meditation techniques they may know that will enable
my physical body to pass through this period.

Thank you for your consideration,

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