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Re: GREAT SORROW: Wry on Blavatsky: Part Five

Feb 07, 2003 04:29 AM
by Katinka Hesselink " <>

Hi Dallas,

This is an interesting subject. I am replying mostly to the third 
> 3.	Every "Personality" or "form" is built up of millions of these
> individual Monads. And to organize them one of the aspects of the
> "personality" serves as a matrix -- a lattice work of electro-
> force on which atoms, molecules, cells etc.. arrange themselves in
> patterns to which intelligence and through which a conjoined
> "intelligent and conscious life" can reside and manifest. This 
> every human his or her free and independent MIND.
This almost suggests the monads are seperate entities. But, in my 
understanding, since they are each reflections of the One, the human 
monad can also be looked at as a unity. 
Wry may be more familiar with the concept of a consciousness stream, 
or river. The water in the river changes as it goes downstream. Yet, 
in a sense, it is also the same water. The purity changes (usually 
for the worst), the scenery changes - yet it is one river. In the 
same way our consciousness changes, from one life to the next, but in 
some ways the content of the consciousness remains the same: dominant 
thought-forms remain, inclinations remain etc. 


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