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Re: [bn-study] HPB - abreviations

Feb 07, 2003 04:23 AM
by Katinka Hesselink " <>


Actually HPB wasn't the only spiritual teacher who preferred the use 
of initials. Krishnamurti was often called K, especially in later 
years of his life, if I'm not mistaken. My brother, totally non-
interested in theosophy, but a student of english, helps me translate 
some of the material on my website - whether english-dutch or dutch-
english. He commented on my often using abreviations. This is 
extended beyond Krishnamurti and H.P. Blavatsky, but includes the 
mahatmas (KH and M). In short - I think we have a theosophical 
tradition in the making here. At least for our "Sages". 

I think the meaning is to deemphesize the personality. Though that 
probably does not work. I mean, one can identify with initials as 
well. Mine happen to be KH - bummer, can't use them for that 
reason. :)

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> Subject: HPB
> I ran into an old Mormon friend the other day (a woman) who asked
> what I had been doing the last few years. The discussion
> naturally included my Theosophical activities. As the discussion
> progressed, talk moved to the fact that HPB had visited Salt Lake
> City once. Suddenly this woman stopped the discussion with "why
> do you constantly refer to this woman as "HPB?" She asked if we
> ever called her anything else. When I said "Madame Blavatsky,"
> she was horrified. She thought both references were demeaning to
> the character of a woman, the latter making her sound like either
> a Gypsy fortuneteller or the owner of a brothel.
> Has anyone else ever encountered this? How would you respond? I
> referred to the Cranston biography and the constant use of HPB in
> that work, including the title. I guess I just never thought
> about this.
> Comments?
> Larry ---

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