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RE: GREAT SORROW: Wry on Blavatsky: Part Five

Feb 06, 2003 01:04 PM
by dalval14

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Dear Wry:

Immortality is of several kinds Theosophy teaches.

1.	There is the all-enveloping SPIRIT -- the IDEAL basis. Nothing in
the Universe escapes this enveloping ONENESS and UNITY. In effect it
is the basis for Universal Brotherhood.

2.	Each individual being has for its base an immortal "ray" or if you
desire to call it so --a "portion" of that SPIRIT -- as a resident
inside it. Hence it is called in THEOSOPHY a MONAD. Actually the
Monad is a duality as it is both SPIRIT and primordial matter

We hold in THEOSOPHY, that every being from "atom" to Universe" shares
in each other, and are "brothers in fact" as well as in "spirit."

3.	Every "Personality" or "form" is built up of millions of these
individual Monads. And to organize them one of the aspects of the
"personality" serves as a matrix -- a lattice work of electro-magnetic
force on which atoms, molecules, cells etc.. arrange themselves in
patterns to which intelligence and through which a conjoined
"intelligent and conscious life" can reside and manifest. This gives
every human his or her free and independent MIND.

True, I claim no authority, and only suggest you study Theosophy
thoroughly before you raise criticism or questions.

I would disagree in calling Theosophy a "belief system." Its
presentation belies that.

But I see you find need to go to the barnyard for your expletives.




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Hi. To begin, sorry the previous message was supposed to be sent to
Theosophy Study List. In any case, in my very first message on here I
complained about you posting my material on other lists, AND YOU ARE
DOING IT. It would not be so bad if you posted the whole message, but
you do
not. You do not care and this is discouraging. In any case, see below.

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> Wednesday, February 05, 2003
> Dear Wry and Katinka:
> May I break in here and offer a few thoughts ?
> Let me offer the following as a student for over 60 years of Mme.
> Blavatsky's writings. I make no claim for myself, but am quite
> prepared to deal with most inquiries about THEOSOPHY such as she
> exposed it to us to learn from. When I am "out of my depth," I say
> so.

WRY: Then how come you have not answered or acknowledged my one
question to
you about immortality so that we can have an enquiry. Even if it is
(which it is not, and I will go into this when we enquire, what is the
FUNCTION of telling people this? You obvious CANNOT answer, which is
but you have not acknowledged this question or said, honestly, that
don't know.

> I think you may mistake the purpose of Mme. Blavatsky's writings.

WRY: I think YOU may.
> In all they make a report on History.

WRY: You are no authority on this subject. You say they do. I say they
not. It is a belief system and to subscribe to it involves taking
stuff on
belief. Certain kinds and qualities of true discrimination cannot be
developed in this way. It is contrary to their development. Plus you
to not
need to know this. It is meaningless, distortional and will keep you
discovering what you really do need to no in order to be in a real
brotherhood and to help establish that for others.

> They write about the ideals, the laws of universal life, and of that
> which relates to "SPIRIT" as the highest level we can imagine and
> think of.

WRY: This is bull-crap and drivel. It is NOT the higest level.
Moreover one
like this? You are blatheriong nothiong about nothing.

> She is not what I would call a "spiritual writer." The word
> "spiritual" has been abused, and needs careful definition in all
> of use. In her case, I would say she exposes a knowledge that is
> inspiring of itself. The only claim she made was that she was a
> "messenger" from those whom she designated as the MASTERS OF WISDOM.
> ISIS UNVEILED for instance reveals age old and earth-wide patters of
> learning and records anomalous events in history which deserve
> investigation.

WRY: More bland meaniongless blather and pouring from the empty into
void. This is not your best hour, though I have seen you timidly begin
approach real enquiry on a very few occasions. At this point, just
investigate yourself.

> In The SECRET DOCTRINE she discusses the Laws of the Universe and
> interaction of Intelligence and Consciousness in the program of
> Evolution, considered as an ancient and universe-wide phenomena. She
> says we are all involved in this and have been so for an incredible
> antiquity in the past, (as spiritual beings) and will continue to be
> involved into the foreseeable future.

WRY: This is a belief and which is not FUNCTIONAL in relationship to
developing genuine discrimination, but also serves to create

> Now, can we set ourselves to studying that ? Perhaps we might all
> learn from that if we do it systematically.

WRY: Then start with a question and not a belief. For any premise
which you
cannot demonstrate the truth of, I can give another.

> We all enter any study with certain personal pre-conceived ideas If
> we allow those to bias our study, we will find the result to be
> in the same way. We have to pursue all studies impersonally if we
> desire to secure accurate and true results.

WRY: For YOU to talk this way is dishonest, if not immoral.

> I have found that those teachings and statements bridge the gaps
> in the narration of the past by the destruction of ancient texts and
> records which invaders systematically destroyed in several areas
> (about 2000 to 5000 years ago) -- around Egypt, Mesopotamia and the
> Middle East, and India.

WRY: There is no real "I" speaking here. Who cares what you find? You
fantasy that you know what you do not and try to tell this to others.

>This resulted in almost a total isolation of
> the modern West from its antecedents. Grecian knowledge was saved by
> few scholars who withdrew from the West taking their precious
> manuscripts with them into the seclusion and fastnesses of the
> East for a while. The Florentine Renaissance, as an example, was
> result of some of those being returned to Europe where they were
> cherished, studied, discussed and reproduced. The patterns are clear
> to a student of the history of ideas and philosophy.

WRY: You are lost.

>Another of such
> impacts was recoded around the time of H P B's writing when the
> treasures of Oriental wisdom were made widely available by scholars
> like Max Mueller, and others. It was also a time when knowledge was
> ever more freeing itself of the shackles of priestly dogmatism in
> Europe. Science was being set free to examine Nature and her many
> areas of life as she was in reality.

WRY: So lost.
> These writings of H P B state the nature of the patterns and events
> that mark the workings of the Universe, and these include, in time,
> the most ancient beginnings of our Universe, our solar system, and
> particular, they focus on the evolution of consciousness, purpose of
> mankind and of life on earth.

WRY: Ancient people did not think and talk like you do. They were more
to verify. The way you are thinking and talking is an example of why
lost their "knowledge" which you erroneously consider to be a material
in stone and this sets you in stone.

> They also trace in detail the evolution of mankind from three
> different areas that are conjoined in each of us. It is as though H
> B was, as a scientist, were to write impartially about the laws of
> nature which he had researched.-- surely there is no objection to
> that?

WRY: This is fantasy. You are BELIEVING this. Re the material below,
I will
reply to this later. You seem to have NO SENSE OF PROPORTION.
there are six or even more long messages from you in one day, not to
your double emails when you post the same material on two lists. You
seem to
have no grasp or even an elementary understanding of how human beings
assimilate material. You really do not understand. You learn too slow.
do not catch on to the obvious. It is sad. Do you not care about other
people and, with love in your heart, want learning to flower for us
This is sad. Wry


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