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Re: Theos-World Re: Jerry Schueler on "Bhakti Yoga" What's a "doll body" to do

Feb 07, 2003 01:59 AM
by samblo

Thanks, ha ha, enjoy your comment. What's a "Doll-body" to do? BTW, in 
previous thread comments regards "Devachan" I was somewhat surprised at
it's being defined as "Pure Land." My understanding is "Deva (skt.)" 
means god,
and "Chan (Chinese)" means contemplation, curious two different 
compounds are conjoined to arrive at this term. My reading of 
Blavatsky to my
recall she recounts that the higher principle triad between corporeal 
manifestation retired to Devachan and self-involves in the 
contemplation of the
achievements and failures of the just departed incarnation and sifting 
as in the 
sieve of Erastothenes the account and status which then are integrated 
into the
composite formulation along with the intregal dependent karma of the 
past, the just
past now of the last embodiment, and the resultant formula of the next 
which it
has in Devachan matriculated the ideal context of the next incarnation 
after the 
bliss period reaches it's expiration. To my personal reality and 
opinion the view is
in regard to the greatest bulk of humanity but exception are found in 
Tulku and 
other natures where the Being has ability to have relatively short 
Devachan interval.


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