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RE: relativity of it all

Feb 05, 2003 04:58 AM
by dalval14

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Dear Friends and Good morning Mic:

Thanks for what you say -- so true for us all.
Your response (below) is largely expressed in terms of emotion and
likes and dislikes.
However behind those there is still to be discovered a REASON for

Man thinks, and thinking is a good deal stronger than desires as it
can alter them. Thought also gives us a chance to discover if there
are other and alternative ways of considering and doing things. They
lead us to regard consequences that may materialize in the future --
something that emotion alone cannot do.

The passage of man from an emotional being into the realm of being a
Mind Being is like a new birth, and for a while we are able to see
both sides of the situation. Sometimes friends can lend assistance if

One could say that a life of great activity, full of many sensations
as you describe them, ends in what ? ? ? Even to carry out any of
those projects you describe requires planning and fore-thought.
Without that, where would caution, moderation and preparation for any
adventure be ?

Our history of great personages does not record for long the lives of
the actors in the dramas -- but it does record the excellence of great
writers, thinkers, planners and rulers of countries, and dramatists,
musicians and poets -- those who are "creative" and can frame and
illustrate great ideas and truths, using the pen of dramatist,
essayist, philosopher, scientist, mathematician, architect, etc...
Indeed the "pen is mightier than the sword."

Those who live solely to amuse themselves are legion, and they usually
live unrecorded lives. So be it. They like it that way. But not
everyone lives to make a mark on time. If they do aim at that, they
are likely to be disappointed. The real importance of reform and of
consultation lies in striving to approach to, and figure out the best
possible answer to any problem, especially if that concerns others. It
is an appeal to idealism -- always present and resident in nature.
Remember that Nature has outlived us all by many, many millennia -- in
fact without her and her Laws, we would not be here at all. In that we
are never alone. We are always a part of something. I find it
interesting to try to discover exactly what part is mine to work
intelligently and carefully on.

But not everyone sets as a personal goal the leaving of a record as a
great individual. The pages, of say, the READER'S DIGEST down the
years, are full of examples of quiet and dignified persons who have
insisted on doing great things in their own quiet unostentatious way.
I think it is better to help as best one can, and expect nothing as a
return. I don't know if you are familiar with the BHAGAVAD GITA but
you might read it to see if what I say is correct: Krishna, the
teacher there, counsels Arjuna (the pupil) to perform all his "natural
duties," without any hope for a result -- other than he may have acted

The mark of greatness may be concealed, local, or nation-wide; but
the principles brought into play by rectitude and brotherly concern
for equity, assistance when needed, and fair play mark the sense of
unity that human solidarity embodies -- Actually this range of common
virtues is innate to all of us. It emerges spontaneously as and when
needed. It can be summed up in a single word: Brotherhood.

A persons' life and objectives may be concealed or expressed. That is
of course their private affair. But in a world, a universe of LAW,
individual excellence is expressed in spontaneous acts of quiet
bravery. It is as though the Law worked intelligently through them.
And intelligence is not emotion it is THOUGHT, well conceived, and
carried out with care.

I think there is much more than amusement to consider. What happens
to thoughts, the arts, music, I believe the part they play in our
conjoined lives -- even exchanging ideas over thousands of mind in a
few minutes, has deeper reason that sheer personal, selfish pleasure.

Best wishes,



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From: Mic Forster []
Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 5:10 AM
Subject: Theos-World relativity of it all

What does it mean to experience life?

Yes we go through reincarnations and experience many
different events and situations depending on karma etc
etc, etc.

But what does it mean to be here right now?

Let me put an argument to you. A person believes that
to experience life is to be adventerous, ie to go
camping, hiking, canoeing, canyoning etc every weekend
while during the week you work to raise funds to
undertake such activities. But only these sorts of
activities, these only, can be done to "truly"
experience life.







No, not natural indeed.

To live life is to not do what the "common man" does,
but to be extraordinary. And so some will lead us to

I believe to live life is to step out of one's comfort
zone. To live life is to do something one has never,
nay never contemplated, to do before.


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