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re Personal God/s, Dallas ...

Feb 04, 2003 05:01 AM
by Mauri

Dallas wrote: <<Looking at the question of God -- 
theosophically, can we not say: 1. The God Idea is 
derived from the ABSOLUTE which antecedes 
everything else ? Like SPACE it is everywhere and 
surrounds us all, and, as far as we can imagine it links us 
all with the infinitudes of origin as well as of present 
extensiveness ?>>>

"Absolute," in some sense, instead of "Oneness," in 
some sense ... Whatever. I had in mind the time, 
whenever that was (a few years ago?), when notions 
about religion and God were in their beginning stages.

<<I can find no reasonable way by which such an
arbitrary entity or force as defined in "personal Gods" 
may exist in a Universe of LAW.>>

Dallas, I wonder if you might have that sort of partly 
reversed, in a sense: I suspect that "personal God/s" is 
something that's possible in a universe of laws (in 
conventional terms, at any rate) because such a universe, 
and the laws that go with it, are dualistic, exoteric, 
karmic, mayavic, and so make for a fertile ground for 
things like "personal God/s" ... Whereas the Esoteric 
Tradition, as I see it, offers a "b/Broader" perspective 
that transcends "personal/temporal" ...

<<Since the time when the existence of any Personal 
God has been challenged, why do these challenges and 
challengers continue to live -- assuming the "God" is all 
powerful, and is often depicted as vengeful ? Also, 
assuming that "life" in this world is an unmixed 

Apparently there are various kinds of "Personal God/s," 
depending on who you talk to ...


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