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RE: Re to Mauri re: "Chela-Master Relationship"...

Feb 05, 2003 04:58 AM
by dalval14

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Dear Friends:

I think the "telepathic communication" is the best way to explain this
but apparently there is also something deeper.

Have a look at these points taken from H P B's articles::


[PATH, December 1886]	H P B Articles I p. 301

P. 302	Our MASTERS are simply holy mortals, nevertheless, however,
higher than any in this world, morally, intellectually and
spiritually. However holy and advanced in the science of the
Mysteries--they are still men, members of a Brotherhood, who are the
first in it to show themselves subservient to its time-honored laws
and rules.

P. 302	Once that a theosophist would become a candidate for either
chelaship or favors, he must be aware of the mutual pledge, tacitly,
if not formally offered and accepted between the two parties, and,
that such a pledge is sacred. It is a bond of seven years of
...the chief and the only indispensable condition required in the
candidate or chela on probation, is simply unswerving fidelity to the
chosen Master and his purposes.

P. 203	...the magnetic rapport between the two once broken, it becomes
at each time doubly difficult to re-establish it again; and that it is
neither just nor fair, that the Masters should strain their powers for
those whose future course and final desertion they very often can
plainly foresee.

P. 304	Emotionalism is not philosophy; and Buddha devoted his long
self-sacrificing life to tear people away precisely from that evil
breeding superstition. For years every new member has been told that
he was promised nothing, but bad everything to expect only from his
own personal merit. The theosophist is left free and untrammeled in
his actions.

H P B then reveals as an example her own bond with the Masters:

P. 306 soon as one steps on the Path leading to the Ashrum of
AND TRUTH--his Karma, instead of having to be distributed throughout
his long life, falls upon him in a block and crushes him with its
whole weight. He who believes in what he professes and in his Master,
will stand it and come out of the trial victorious...This is why...I
have stood it all. I felt sure that Master would not permit that I
should perish; that he would always appear at the eleventh hour--and
so he did. Three times I was saved from death by Him, the last time
almost against my will; when I went again into the cold, wicked world
out of love for Him, who has taught me what I know and made me what I
am. Therefore, I do His work and bidding, and this is what has given
me the lion's strength to support shocks--physical and mental...which
would have killed any theosophist who would go on doubting of the
mighty protection.

P. 307	Unswerving devotion to Him who embodies the duty traced for
me, and belief in the Wisdom--collectively, of that grand, mysterious,
yet actual Brotherhood of holy men--is my only merit, and the cause of
my success in Occult philosophy.

P. 307	Said the Great Master [to those] who wanted to make of the
society a "miracle club" instead of a Brotherhood of Peace, Love and
mutual assistance--"Perish rather, the Theosophical Society and its
hapless Founders" ,

[To this H P B added] : I say perish their twelve years' labour and
their very lives rather than that I should see what I do today:
theosophists, outvying political "rings" in their search for personal
power and authority; theosophists slandering and criticizing each
other as two rival Christian sects might do; finally theosophists
refusing to lead the life and then criticizing and throwing slurs on
the grandest and noblest of men, because tied by their wise
laws--hoary with age and based on an experience of human nature
millenniums old--those Masters refuse to interfere with Karma and to
play second fiddle to every theosophist who calls upon Them and
whether he deserves it or not.


Additionally, we might also consider:

CHELAS AND LAY CHELAS -- by H. P. Blavatsky
[Theosophist July 1893] H P B Articles I 308 - 314

P. 308	The spiritual teacher ...the real Guru is always an Adept in
the Occult Science. A man of profound knowledge, exoteric and
esoteric, especially the latter; and one who has brought his carnal
nature under subjection of the WILL; who has developed in himself both
the power (Siddhi) to control the forces of nature, and the capacity
to probe her secrets by the help of the formerly latent but now active
powers of his being:--this is the real Guru.

P. 309	...the self-evolving ascetic (Chela)--whether in, or outside
the active world--has to place himself, according to his natural
capacity, [and[ make himself master of, his (1) Sarira--body; (2)
lndriya--senses; (3) Dosha--faults; (4) Dukkha--pain; and is ready to
become one with his Manas--mind; Buddhi--intellection, or spiritual
intelligence; and Atma--highest soul, i.e., spirit.... and,
recognize in Atma the highest ruler in the world of perceptions, and
in the will, the highest executive energy (power), then may he, under
the time-honoured rules, be taken in hand by one of the Initiates.

P. 309-10	He may then be shown the mysterious path at whose thither
end the Chela is taught the unerring discernment of ...the fruits of
causes produced, and given the means of reaching ...emancipation
...the THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT, one of whose arduous tasks
re-awaken in the Aryan mind the dormant memory of the existence of
this science and of those transcendent human capabilities,

P. 311	A Lay Chela is but a man of the world who affirms his desire to
become wise in spiritual things. Virtually, every member of the
Theosophical Society who subscribes to the second of our three
"Declared Objects" is such...he has yet the possibility of becoming
one, for he has stepped across the boundary-line which separated him
from the Mahatmas, and has brought himself, as it were, under their

P. 311	...all the rest depends entirely upon the member himself, and
he need never expect the most distant approach to the "favor" of one
of our Mahatmas, or any other Mahatmas in the world--should the latter
consent to become known--that has not been fully earned by personal
merit. The Mahatmas are the servants, not the arbiters of the Law of

P. 312 to the result: his good thoughts, words and deeds will
bear their fruits, his evil ones, theirs. To boast of Lay the surest way to reduce the relationship with the Guru
to a mere empty name...we have been teaching everywhere the maxim
"First deserve, then desire" intimacy with the Mahatmas.

P. 312	...there is a terrible law operative in nature, one which
cannot be altered,... "Let sleeping dogs lie"? No man or woman knows
his or her moral strength until it is tried. One who undertakes to try
for Chelaship...rouses and lashes to desperation every sleeping
passion of his animal nature. For this is the commencement of a
struggle for the mastery in which quarter is neither to be given nor
taken. It is, once for all, "To be, or Not to be"; to conquer, means
ADEPTSHIP; to fail, an ignoble Martyrdom... to fall victim to lust,
pride, avarice, vanity, selfishness, cowardice, or any other of the
lower propensities, is indeed ignoble...The Chela is not only called
to face all the latent evil propensities of his nature, but, in
addition, the whole volume of maleficent power accumulated by the
community and nation to which he belongs. For he is an integral part
of those aggregates, and what affects either the individual man, or
the group (town or nation) reacts upon the other...his struggle for
goodness jars upon the whole body of badness in his environment, and
draws its fury upon him...If he is innately strong he shakes it off

P. 313 this moral battle, if the Chela has one single hidden shall and will be brought to light...the Inner Self,
naked and without the slightest veil to conceal its reality, is
exposed. [all conventional] restraints [will be] broken through under
the strain of chelaship.

P. 313	He is now in an atmosphere of illusions--Maya. Vice puts on
its most alluring face, and the tempting passions try to lure the
inexperienced aspirant to the depths of psychic debasement...For the
strife is...between the Chela's Will and his carnal nature, and Karma
forbids that any angel or Guru should interfere until the result is

P. 313	Chelaship was defined... as a "psychic resolvent, which eats
away all dross and leaves only the pure gold behind."

[The above is a DOCUMENT of the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY as it was
published in the OFFICIAL SUPPLEMENT to the July 1893 issue of the


Best Wishes,



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From: Ger. S.
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Subject: Re: "Chela-Master Relationship"...

Mauri, I agree, pretty much.

The "synchronization" between guru and student is necessary in order
to establish a direct telepthic connection. A real guru and his or her
best chelas will always be in telepathic communciation.

Jerry S.

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