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Re: Coincidences -- Randomness?

Feb 04, 2003 07:07 AM
by Nisk98114

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Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 11:20:53 -0800
From: <>
Subject: RE: coincidences - Dallas

Monday, February 03, 2003

Re: Coincidences

Dear Mic:

Coincidences in a universe of LAW ? Surely there are, but then they
are ruled by the combined force of many, many actions and wills --
also they produce waves -- like the ocean surface, and tides as you
can guess, and now and then we have tsunamis.

WE can only guess at the complexity of earth movement at levels of 500
miles or so below the earth's surface and the tectonic plates floating
on them.. Earthquakes produce tsunamis sometimes hundreds and
thousands of moles away. And there still unexplained SUPER WAVES that
seem to flow through the vast oceans and occasionally whole ships
founder and go down with almost no warning. One of my friends' sons
as an officer on an ore freighter got caught in this kind of force.
His ship went down without trace or warning.

Everything is interrelated, and in a UNIVERSE OF LAW there is no such
thing as CHANCE or LUCK. We may not know or see the CAUSES, but that
does not mean they are absent.

Man is however a sample of a free mind. He can create by thought
(using mind-matter) and bring these into actions on this plane of
matter. In dreams we handle "dream matter," and in "fancy or
imagination" still another kind of matter is handled viewed and
shaped. Perhaps our attention has never been drawn to these things,
or they are explained away ( How ?)

But one important thing to consider is that all material constructs
(molecules and crystals and solid or liquid or gaseous things, and
living cells) have an ELECTRO-MAGNETIC counter part on the plane of
the ASTRAL. The atoms and molecules aggregate along those (at that
level of the very small) patterns and thus we get all kinds of "solid
matter" things. If our physics took this into account (AND THEY ARE
BEGINNING TO DO SO) there would be a revolution in fabricating and
building, as well as altering things.

But the one idea that is all-important and that is that LAW RULES IN
EVERYTHING. It always has and will continue to do so. Nature and the
patterns of the world, and things in and on it, the universe (near and
far) visible and invisible were laid so long ago we have forgotten,
but we all rely on their exactitude for our existence. Why ?

See if that helps.

A fascinating subject, i think. The exactness of the Universe.
If one knows computer programming one knows that ALL of it emanates from a 
zero and a one.
>From that simplicity all the immense complexities come forward, even to the 
mysterious sending of an e-mail without even finishing it.
How is that?
The SD abounds with geometrical ideas.Ask Leon for proof.
I say no such thing as happenstance just unknown parts of the geometry.
Being unknown,(to us,perhaps) we say such a thing was just a random occurence.
My posts seem to be random. :O)

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