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Re: Theos-World Yes, Wry, some good examples might help

Feb 03, 2003 07:00 PM
by Mic Forster

--- wry <> wrote:
Moreover, the
> common man can read the story of the gospels and not
> intellectually
> understand the inner meaning at all and yet come
> away with something that is
> whole and approaches and even touches the esoteric,
> as it is
> well-constructed allegory,. and even by reading it
> and not fully
> understanding it, he will be changed, and maybe
> someday, much later, he will
> understand, 

but The Secret Doctrine the common man
> will NOT read or
> understand either now or later. Do you dispute this?
> A good spiritual
> teaching is for everyone. It is simple. This is my
> understanding, though you
> may not agree.

Wry, it sounds like you think spiritualism is like
obtaining a driver's licence. The common man will
understand if he chooses to; typically, the common man
would prefer spending his time watching TV, drinking
beer or reading a magazine. ie the common man is
common because he CHOOSES not to be any other way.
Even if the common man does want to learn theosophy
the common man does not have to read the Secret
Doctrine. WQJ's "Ocean of Theosopy" is the easiest
book I have ever read and it explains the most
important details BETTER than any biblical allegorical
account. What you are saying is like going to a
physicist or other scientist and saying "hey look, I
can't understand a word you are saying in those
scientific journals of yours. Perhaps if you dumbed it
down a bit us common men can understand you." That's
what books from Paul Davis, Carl Sagan, etc are for. 

If you think the common man can understand the bible
in all its allegorical detail, why can't they grasp
the idea that God is an analogy, not some white
bearded man living in the clouds looking over us to
make sure we are being nice and not naughty?

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