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Re: Theos-World Yes, Wry, some good examples might help

Feb 03, 2003 10:16 AM
by wry

Hi. I have just spent 20 minutes looking throughn a bunch of emails, mostly
from this list, reading three or four, deleting some and marking the rest
unread. Usually this takes longer. I have then gone downstairs and found
some reprints from the Secret Doctrine, thinking to quote a section, and
then come back up here and spent five minutes leafing through this stuff,
but it is all the same. Any part can be used as an example. I have chapter
two of The Secret Doctrine. It is admittedly somewhat interesting, You can
compare this to the Gospel of John. Neither one, in my opinion, is time
appropriate, but one is an organic whole. the other is not. Moreover, the
common man can read the story of the gospels and not intellectually
understand the inner meaning at all and yet come away with something that is
whole and approaches and even touches the esoteric, as it is
well-constructed allegory,. and even by reading it and not fully
understanding it, he will be changed, and maybe someday, much later, he will
understand, but The Secret Doctrine the common man will NOT read or
understand either now or later. Do you dispute this? A good spiritual
teaching is for everyone. It is simple. This is my understanding, though you
may not agree.

If it is the aim of theosophy to establish a universal brotherhood, people
will need to begin to grasp the concept of limited time. Until what is
called in the Bible "the last day," which has a meaning not only symbolic
but also literal, all time is LIMITED, not unlimited. This means that people
do not have forever to accomplish a given mission.The first

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Subject: Theos-World Yes, Wry, some good examples might help

> Wry, you wrote:
> "I have expressed an important idea in my message, the difference
> between the well-formed construction of any major organically
> evolved and finely-tuned-over centuries religion and Madame
> Blavatsky's teaching. I am prepared to give examples of this in the
> future, but it is probably not even necessary, as anyone can go to
> any section of her writings and see what I am talking about, as she
> takes bits and pieces out of context and puts them together in such a
> way as to illustrate or show something else, but ONLY SO MUCH CAN BE
> CONVEYED THIS WAY, as there is no underlying structure that can be
> organicallly traced back to the whole in such a way that a person can
> relate it to his own physical functioning. (As above, so below)."
> It is not clear to me (maybe somebody else understands) exactly what
> you are trying to convey to Katinka and the rest of us on this forum.
> Some detailed examples from HPB's writings with your own specific
> comments may greatly help us to understand what you believe should be
> clear.
> Daniel
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