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Re: Theos-World yoga

Feb 02, 2003 03:06 AM
by leonmaurer


Thank you for your clarification -- which I completely agree with. I also 
understand what you mean by "smell"... Since, I too have had the insight 
directly from the Master who showed me the "image" of all seven planes or 
fields of consciousness (one inside the other, inside the other, etc.) as 
seen from both the inside out and the outside in -- which are, in reality, 
all in the same place yet separated in space. This paradox I can "See" and 
"imagine" intuitively in Buddhi-Manas, but cannot describe in mundane words, 
except symbolically. 

In this vision (which is also surrounded and impregnated with smells, tastes, 
touches and sounds) -- the gaps between the planes or vibrational fields, 
like the missing or soundless notes in the musical scales, are only 
conceptions of the mind -- which are the last ones that have to be given up 
before making the final crossing. 

As the Master (through HPB in the SD) also points out, and as I've seen, 
there cannot be any gaps or empty spaces anywhere. (There can only be phase 
changes into different dimensions of space.) As, everything is motion, and 
the zero-points where motion starts and ends, and where consciousness and 
will dwells, are everywhere. Since I have "seen" this, I know that the gap 
between the 6th and seventh plane is both infinite, as you say, and also, 
infinitesimal, or zero -- depending on where you observe it from -- since 
everything is also relative, just as nothing is absolute, yet "exists" as 

I also know that there is no way to cross this gap without balancing both the 
bad and the good impressions or samskaras -- which are also conceptions of 
the mind -- and the last dregs of one's karma that has to be let go before 
making the final crossing of the imaginary, yet real, abyss. These final bad 
samskaras are "The Dweller on the Threshold" that we have to face and 
overcome before making that last crossing. This is simple, however, once one 
fully realizes that in order to be truly enlightened at the last crossing one 
must have total awareness of all the possible evil as well as all the good 
that one necessarily has experienced (but forgotten) through all previous 
incarnations -- thus re-experiencing the painful sufferings, and bearing on 
one's own head and in one's heart, the evil of the entire world -- which must 
be balanced with all its good. 

As you say, that is the difficult part. But, as I have seen -- since the gap 
is both infinite and finite, and all the samskaras are nothing but illusions 
or Maya -- once those sufferings are realized and balanced with the good, one 
must just let go of the last remaining images of the samskaras in the mind 
that we are grasping (thinking, as usual, wrongly, that because we think is 
why we exist :-). Once that has been done, we become so enlightened that we 
can make the leap with open arms, fly into the central fire or "spinergy," to 
return the spark to the flame or, allegorically, the drop to the ocean of 
theosophy or divine wisdom. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how we look at it) this last leap 
takes one out of the world and into the bliss of Nirvana for the remainder of 
the Manvantara. Therefore, once the samskaras have all been neutralized and 
karma harmonized, for those wishing to remain a Bodhisattva in order to help 
and teach others until all beings have reached the seventh plane, they must 
be ready to leap back and stay content to remain in the 5th & 6th planes, 
surrounded by the 7th as the Divine Monad. And, to reincarnate repeatedly 
until all beings are ready for the final crossing into Pralaya. Thus, I have 
been told and heard, shown and seen. 

May you reach your next terrace of enlightenment, 

LHM (Chaim) 

In a message dated 02/01/03 4:38:38 AM, writes:

I think what you say is basically true. The Truth is always within us, then,
why don't we express it? Why all these horrible people on the planet commit
daily horrendous crimes, where is the God being within themselves? Why Truth
doesn't act through them? It is due to all these impression, age billions of
years, which formed, as I call it, a *lead helmet* around the head, and
prevents any fusion of the individual with Truth. It is true that an
individual can attain Truth on his own, however, this will be very, very
long, fraught with dangers, and most painful. And to top it all, it is not
possible for anyone, to cross the last threshold unaided. I.e. crossing
between the Six plane of consciousness and the Seventh plane. For one, the
gap between these two planes is infinite, unlike the gap between the other
planes, and that's why people can reach on their own a very exalted states,
due to use of yoga technics, pure unselfish service for humanity etc, but
they NEVER will be able to cross the last threshold on their own. Why?
Because Perfection demands that the individual will be impressions-free. In
order to wipe out impressions, you must create counter-impressions, which
will be perfectly the opposite - they must be exactly in the same *shape*,
and the same quantity. Now see the impossibility of the whole thing: good
sanskaras (enslaving impressions), must to be wiped out as well. So, suppose
a very saintly man enters the path, and he has, for the sake of our
argument, only *good* sanskaras. It must be counteracted by *bad* sanskaras;
how he is going to do this? I can tell you quite simply, that even a Six
plane Master cannot help it. Now look at your personal case, you know about
the Path, you learn all that you have learnt, due to the grace of the
Masters: I have no doubt that true Masters backed Blavatsky, and I didn't
study all this you are studying, I didn't read Isis Unveiled, and I didn't
finish yet The Secret Doctrine, and I didn't read The Mahatma letters, and
Blavatsky's letters. Why do I know this? It has a *smell*. I know it for
myself. I wouldn't be here unless my Master wanted it. I see how my fellow
Israeli Theosophists are being benefited. To serve a true Master is no mean
achievement, trust me, it is a hair standing adventure, which demands taking
spiritual responsibility, and willingness to undergo hardships cheerfully.
And as an adage, we are only a burden on the Masters, they are not obliged
to help us, we could have been ignored, and you would never assume what you
truly say in your last paragraph below. Yours truly, Etzion

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> But, this "surrender" should not be misinterpreted.
> To be Human beings -- who are each, essentially, God incarnate -- is not
> to be sheep, or like any other "animal" without a capability of Self
> realization.
> To surrender to a self professed "living" or "dead" Master is a "vicarious
> atonement" sidetrack that may pacify one, but does nothing more than delay
> one's attainment of self mastery... Since a true Master says, "Do not follow
> me, but follow the path I show you." This is the only true and independent
> way to transcend ones karma, defuse the skandas, and attain true Freedom --
> requiring no kow towing, worship, or obedience to any personality, idol,
> organization, or Gods... As theosophy teaches, only the TRUTH can make you
> Therefore, there is only one "perfect Master" to surrender one's lower
> self to... And, that is the Higher Self within each of us... Following all 
> below rules of living that are essentially the "Heart doctrine" coupled with
> the "Eye Doctrine"... Thus, combining ALL the yoga's and their goals into
> ONE "self devised and self determined study and practice" -- that can suit
> each individual's level of awareness and understanding when staring out,
> independently, on the Path to eternal Freedom.

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