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RE: re "blinds," and TRUTH Dallas ...

Feb 02, 2003 02:24 AM
by dalval14

February 2, 2003

Dear Mauri:

As to truth.

you have to decide on your own as to what is reasonably proved. No one
can do more than submit evidence for you to judge on.

Personally, I do not find "speculation" to be of much use.

I prefer to use data that is available to all -- in that manner a
greater consensus is usually achieved and the possibility of error is
narrowed. I mean, if you are sincerely seeking for TRUTH .

Here are some statements that have helped me:


Articles I 321-3 ]


"The basis of knowledge exists everywhere, true knowledge consists in
getting at the root of all phenomena, and thus arriving at a correct
understanding of the primal cause, the "rootless root," which is not
an effect in its turn.

To perceive anything correctly, one can use only those senses or
instruments which correspond to the nature of that object. Hence, to
comprehend the noumenal, a noumenal sense is a pre-requisite; while
the transient phenomena can be perceived by senses corresponding to
the nature of those phenomena.

Occult Philosophy teaches us that the seventh principle is the only
eternal Reality, while the rest, belonging as they do to the "world of
forms" which are non-permanent, are illusive in the sense that they
are transient.

it is only the seventh sense, which pertains to the noumenal world,
that can comprehend the Abstract Reality underlying all phenomena. As
this seventh principle is all-pervading, it exists potentially in all
of us; and he, who would arrive at true knowledge, has to develop that
sense in him, or rather he must remove those veils which obscure its

Selfishness is that feeling which seeks after the aggrandisement of
one's own egotistic personality to the exclusion of others. If,
therefore, selfishness limits one to narrow personalities, absolute
knowledge is impossible so long as selfishness is not got rid of. So
long, however, as we are in this world of phenomena, we cannot be
entirely rid of a sense of personality, however exalted that feeling
may be in the sense that no feeling of personal aggrandisement or
ambition remains.

We are, by our constitution and state of evolution, placed in the
"World of Relativity,"

The MAHATMA is but an advanced occultist, who has so far controlled
his lower "self" as to hold it more or less in complete subjection to
the Cosmic impulse, it is in the nature of things impossible for him
to act in any other but an unselfish manner.

Those, who being still entangled in the web of the delusive sense of
personality charge the MAHATMAS with "selfishness" in withholding
"knowledge"--do not consider what they are talking about. The Law of
Cosmic evolution is ever operating to achieve its purpose of ultimate
unity and to carry the phenomenal into the noumenal plane, and the
MAHATMAS, being en rapport with it, are assisting that purpose. They
therefore know best what knowledge is best for mankind at a particular
stage of its evolution, and none else is competent to judge of that
matter, since they alone have got to the basic knowledge which can
determine the right course and exercise proper discrimination.

For us it will be evident that, as soon as the least feeling of
selfishness tries to assert itself, the vision of the spiritual sense,
becomes clouded and he loses the "power" which abstract "knowledge"
alone can confer.

Hence, the vigilant watch of the "Will" we have constantly to
exercise to prevent our lower nature from coming up to the surface,
which it does in our present undeveloped state; and thus extreme
activity and not passivity is the essential condition with which the
student has to commence.

First his activity is directed to check the opposing influence of the
"lower self"; and, when that is conquered,

[Second] his untrammeled Will centered in his higher (real) "self,"
continues to work most efficaciously and actively in unison with the
cosmic ideation in the "Divine Mind."


Hope this proves to be of use,



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From: Mauri
Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2003 2:17 PM
Subject: re "blinds," and TRUTH Dallas ...

Dallas wrote: <<A "blind" gives you a glimpse of the TRUTH if you
have the acuity to grasp it.>>

"Agreed," in a sense, but I suspect that some people might prefer
"speculating" with "truth," as well, and don't seem to want to just
"grasp" it, apparently or possibly feeling that "truths" on this plane
tend to be relative, dependent, dualistic and, as such, mayavic. Not
that "relative" isn't often "OK" and "useful" and whatever ...


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