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Re: Theos-World yoga

Feb 06, 2003 08:49 PM
by Etzion Becker

I think I understand most of the points. To me, my Master is no more but a
mirror which reflects the Higher Self which is I Am. The fact is that
humankind abolished its divine mission, and insist of staying as limited
creatures subject to blind fate. The Masters have been trying to help this
state for a very long time, but humans, who witness their mastery, only turn
them into *Gods*, idols of worship, instead of following their footsteps.
The only aim of the True Masters is to speed our spiritual evolution in
order that we will quickly assume the same role, in order to help those who
are still stuck in illusion, etc.

From: <>
Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2003 2:06 AM

> But, this "surrender" should not be misinterpreted.
> To be Human beings -- who are each, essentially, God incarnate -- is not
> be sheep, or like any other "animal" without a capability of Self
> To surrender to a self professed "living" or "dead" Master is a "vicarious
> atonement" sidetrack that may pacify one, but does nothing more than delay
> one's attainment of self mastery... Since a true Master says, "Do not
> me, but follow the path I show you." This is the only true and independent
> way to transcend ones karma, defuse the skandas, and attain true
Freedom --
> requiring no kow towing, worship, or obedience to any personality, idol,
> organization, or Gods... As theosophy teaches, only the TRUTH can make you
> Therefore, there is only one "perfect Master" to surrender one's lower
> to... And, that is the Higher Self within each of us... Following all the
> below rules of living that are essentially the "Heart doctrine" coupled
> the "Eye Doctrine"... Thus, combining ALL the yoga's and their goals into
> "self devised and self determined study and practice" -- that can suit
> individual's level of awareness and understanding when staring out,
> independently, on the Path to eternal Freedom.

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