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hybrid offshoot/a direct consequence of the bloody riots

Jan 28, 2003 02:47 PM
by Jeremy Condick

I hope this material will shed some light on the earlier questioning by a
theosophical student, as to the origins of Mohammedanism being a hybrid
offshoot of Christianity .

Kindest Regards

There has never been a religion in the annals of the world with such a
bloody record as Christianity. All the rest, including the traditional
fierce fights of the "chosen people" with their next of kin, the idolatrous
tribes of Israel, pale before the murderous fanaticism of the alleged
followers of Christ! Even the rapid spread of Mahometanism before the
conquering sword of the Islam prophet, is a direct consequence of the bloody
riots and fights among Christians. It was the intestine war between the
Nestorians and Cyrilians that engendered Islamism; and it is in the convent
of Bozrah that the prolific seed was first sown by Bahira, the Nestorian
monk. Freely watered by rivers of blood, the tree of Mecca has grown till we
find it in the present century overshadowing nearly two hundred millions of
people. [[Vol. 2, Page]] 54 ISIS UNVEILED. HPB.

Mohammedanism, which numbers so large a following, is also under sixth ray
influence, but it is not a great root religion, being a hybrid offshoot of
Christianity with the tinge of Judaism. AAB. DK. EP I. 167.

Mahomet appeared nearly six hundred years after the presumed deicide. The
Graeco-Roman world was still convulsed with religious dissensions,
withstanding all the past imperial edicts and forcible Christianization.
While the Council of Trent was disputing about the Vulgate, the unity of God
quietly superseded the trinity, and soon the Mahometans outnumbered the
Christians. Why? Because their prophet never sought to identify himself with
Allah. Otherwise, it is safe to say, he would not have lived to see his
religion flourish. Till the present day Mahometanism has made and is now
making more proselytes than Christianity.Mahomet was born in 571 A. D. ISIS
II. 239. HPB.

We beg the reader to remember that we do not mean by Christianity the
teachings of Christ, but those of his alleged servants -- the clergy. HPB.
ISIS[[Vol. 2, Page]] 374

For the teachings of Christ were occult teachings, which could only be
explained at the initiation. They were never intended for the masses, for
Jesus forbade the twelve to go to the Gentiles and the Samaritans (Matt. x.
8), and repeated to his disciples that the "mysteries of Heaven" were for
them alone, not for the multitudes (Mark iv. 11). SD II. [[Vol. 2, Page]]
231. HPB.

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