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RE: [bn-study] SYMBOLISM

Jan 28, 2003 04:29 PM
by dalval14

Jam 28 2003

Re Theosophical Symbolism

Dear Friend :

A few further thoughts: As I understand from a study of
Theosophy --

A study of the evolution of intelligence around the Monads will
show how evolution (universal as well as earthly and individual)
according to Theosophy takes place.

In the scheme laid out in SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. I you will find
it made clear that the Spiritual Pole: ATMA is in close
interrelation with the material pole MATTER. They seem
irreconcilable but the fact is that they are the same thing
viewed from two different aspects. Taken together in their
infinity as well as in their infinitude, they are the Universal
ocean of Monads -- all individuals, and yet each has its own set
of qualities and characteristics, depending on their advance in
the many functions they perform.

This necessitates a third point of view: The VIEWER - and that
this MIND. These THREE are set also in a CIRCLE. [ S D I 320-1,
612-4, ]

We were discussing “sacred geometry.” Pythagoras’ triangle
demonstrates one aspect of this.
The others will be found briefly laid out in S D I pp 5 - 7,
and elsewhere in The SECRET DOCTRINE . [ see in S D I 321, 338,
361, 433, 612-3, 616-18; S D II 111, 553, 573,

Let me try and say something about this, as I understand it, from
Theosophical symbolism:

1. The ONE universal and indescribable ABSOLUTENESS, the
container of all (hence also described as a dull background to
the first CIRCLE.

2. the CIRCLE signifies the Universe of limits and forms,
in which evolution and manifestation will take place. (It
changes into an egg. It develops TWO poles, and simultaneously
a THIRD: the VIEWER -- Universal MIND -- the Divine Man.)

3. It is there that we find the ONE seems to divide
itself into these 2 poles: SPIRIT and MATTER. The CIRCLE
becomes an EGG (and it has two foci or centres Every part of the
egg is related directly to both centres.).

4. ONE becomes on the next plane TWO. [Symbolized as the
“egg” (with two poles) of Brahma.] It also signified the
REINCARNATION of the Universe and all connected with it. Brahma
wakes, gets active, and then in due course sleeps again, and
again. Man as a thinking evolving Intelligence does likewise.
Some think this is linear progression but we must remember that
all monads are interconnected, and all are immediately aware of
all the others thus all progress is automatically spherical, and
in fact universal.

5. Descending to the 3rd plane we have three SPIRIT,
MATTER, MIND. [ Total is six. Symbol is the interlaced
triangles (inscribed in a circle) -- one pointing up to SPIRIT
and one pointing down to MATTER. This also is indicative of the
duality of MIND and its intermediary position. [This symbol has
wrongfully been used to indicate the Jews. But in fact it is
Kabalistic and Universal.] { S D I 354-5, 591-2, }

6. If to this we add the eternal PRESENCE of the
UNIVERSAL SPIRIT, we have the FIRST 7 [Symbolically it is the
POINT IN THE CENTER of the interlaced triangles. It synthesizes,
and harmonizes the other SIX.]

7. If one looks at the information given in SECRET
DOCTRINE, Vol. I 570-575, one finds that the 7 primary Buddhas,
Manus, Rishis, Archangels, Builders, Cosmocratores, Planetary
Spirits, etc… are all BROTHERS, but each has a special work to
perform, hence they are said to each be One where one of the
seven different qualities and characteristics is emphasized --
but these are not listed as one might find them in a text-book,
as they are also universalized (not concentrated, as in a
personal God) and diffused through all the 7 planes of being, and
as such, they influence all manifested beings, and they form the
49 “fires.” [S D I 290-1, 520-1] Add to this the ABSOLUTENESS,
and you have the “BLIND”: the number 50 -- as H P B explains [S
D I 520-1].

We have viewed (as I believe I understand it) planes 1, 2, 3.

Remains plane 4.

This is said to relate to the ”personality” or the continually
changing (mayavic) material base. This is the area where the
uncountable MONADS pursue their INDIVIDUAL PILGRIMAGE OF
EXPERIENCE under the rules and laws set by Nature for the planes
of limited material forms.

8. The evolving material Universe is said in Theosophy,
to be made up of uncountable Monads -- see SECRET DOCTRINE I p.
289: “There is not one finger’s breadth (angula) of void Space
in the whole Boundless (Universe)…” We could compare this to the
teaching of our science as to the prevalence of atoms everywhere,
and which are treated as indestructible, perpetual motion
machines. Or another illustration of the billions of drops and
molecules of water that form all the oceans of our world. As
above, so below.

9. We may look on these as follows: [using the article
PSYCHIC AND NOETIC ACTION by H PB as a guide and help --
published in LUCIFER, October & November 1890, reprinted in H P B
Articles, Vol. II, p 7 to 27] These 4 are said to be:

1. KAMA -- desires, emotions, passions -- of which the
“animal kingdom” is an example. These are not thoughts but they
can call to themselves for their life and being, the powers of
the Lower manas. We then say that Kama-Manas comes into
existence for a while.

2. PRANA -- Life energy drawn from the universal ocean of
Jiva. This is a Karmic force and is regulated by the nature of
the choices made by the living entity, of any kind. The power to
choose. however limited or great, is said to inhere in all
evolving forms.

3. LINGA SARIRA OR ASTRAL BODY -- the electro-magnetic
lattice work of “atoms” on which the physical form (sthula
sarira) is based. This is energized and limited by Karma acting
through “prana.” And finally, we have the tenuous and to us on
this plane, invisible Body of Force,” the

gross matter -- said to be the “molecules,” cells, and other
gross matter and physical structures of the body, etc… it is
said to be the “molecules,” each one being informed by its
central “atom.” These are in constant motion and being replaced
at an enormous rate every moment. The “Astral electro-magnetic
body” holds them in place for their temporary duties.

10. Going back for a moment to “sacred geometry,” if we add
these 4 to the 6 we get the total: 10. That is the totality.

This may be found to be one way of looking at these things.

I am sure other scholars will be able to add much more to these
views or correct them if necessary.

Best wishes,



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I guess the real question is "what does sexuality have to do with
spiritual development?"



It is the means by which our humanity produces in itself, all the
spirituality it can ever know. Apparently, In order for there to
be any "Spiritual Development" on the physical plane, there has
to be physical bodies in place. All the highways and byways of
human sexuality, such as, Love & passion, lust, covetousness,
envy, jealousy, violence, "sexual perversions" and "sexual
depravity," are but mechanisms that drive us to the procreative
act itself. It seems that, in this world, our SAINTS are grown
out of an abundant stock of SINNERS!


Louis ---

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