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Re: Theos-World RE: - Monads Source and Definition

Jan 26, 2003 11:33 PM
by leonmaurer

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>From: Gerald
>Sent: Friday, January 24, 2003 8:15 AM
>Subject: - Monads
><<<Agreed that the skandhas are Monads which have been impressed --for
>a while with characteristics of thought and feeling, but, as monads
>they are eternal. Or so I understand.>>>
>Dallas, Blavatsky carefully defines "monad" as an indivisible unit in
>accordance with Liebnitz. Manas, our human mind, cannot conceptualize
>an indivisible unit. An indivisible unit is ineffable and
>non-conceptual. It has no sides, no inner, no outer, no right, no
>left, and so on. In short, it has no image. As soon as we make any
>kind of a concept or mental image of it, that concept will always have
>parts, and not really be a monad at all.

Not true. And provable (at least, intuitively -- when tempered by reason). 
Here's the rationale:

Visualize "Conditioned Reality" in its third Cosmic differentiation, as a 
series of 14 enfolded "coadunate (one inside the other in the same space) but 
not consubstantial" (spherical fields of different "orders" energetic phases, 
or levels of substantiality) -- surrounded by the outermost circumference of 
the Cosmic Space -- representing the spiritual field. (Ref: Book of Dzyan 
"The 3 the 1 the 4 the 1 the 5 the twice 7 the sum total") 

The first differentiation is the initial Cosmic Monad consisting of the 
outermost field surrounding two tangent inner fields, composed of a 
changeable (in "waveform" and diameter) line, ray, or "string" of primal 
force flowing around their outer (and inner) circumferences that must be 
originated or emanated from a "Void" at their geometric center of 

This Void, also, can be easily imagined as the inert, static or motionless, 
zero-point that has no dimensional or other attributes. This central point is 
the seat of Cosmic consciousness, or "subjectivity" -- with its surrounding 
"abstract motion" or "spinergy" the root of matter-energy, or "objectivity." 
The only thing "ineffable" is the qualia, or the experience of consciousness 
of that point (i.e., like trying to describe the color of a rose). 

Therefore, such linear rays or "strings" of energy/matter (emanating from the 
infinite force of non linear spin-motion of space we call "spinergy" 
surrounding that zero-point) -- in order to become circular and be 
continuously (cyclically) repeated and self reenergized -- must initially 
travel centrifugally outward (due to clockwise rotation or vertical spin of 
the primal force) and then centripetally inward in a spiral vortex path (like 
a figure eight [8] inside a circle [0]) passing through the center point 
twice (X) in each direction after completing three cycles. 

These "coadunate but not consubstantial" circles then become spheres, like 
twin bubbles within a single surrounding bubble (due to the horizontal 
rotation of that initial zero-point "spinergy") -- and ultimately appear as 
the triune Monad consisting of two smaller, progressively denser fields 
(representing Buddhi and Manas) enclosed within a larger, less dense 
surrounding field (representing Atma). This primal triune field is the 
initial form of the manifest Monad. (When this inherent form of the Monad 
surrounding its zero-point can be envisioned, and "realized" as the "form" of 
oneself -- [after many such infolding or involutions of the primal Monad, as 
all its inner spheres must also be Monads, since no single sherical field can 
exist by itself] -- one becomes "initiated" at that level of occult wisdom.) 

Incidentally, this triune (figure 8 inside a 0) shape of the wave front (or 
"photon") of a spining coherent (monadic) light ray, perfectly describes its 
natural 360 degrees of polarization (viewed head on). See;

400318 (join these two lines)

Thus, it is certainly possible to have a "mental image" that conceptualizes 
the Monad. For a clearer picture of this inherent formation of a spherical 
field and its initial series of monads emanating and involving out of a 
zero-point void, see the cross sectional diagrams at:

Thus, while we can conceive of the separate aspects of the primal triune 
Monad (along with every subsequently involved Monad that reflects it, i.e., 
"as above so below") -- each "part" having differing attributes or 
"qualities" of consciousness -- we can never separate them. Nor can one part 
act or react without affecting the others. Nor, does their "information" 
basis -- encoded as "potential" form within the primal spinergy surrounding 
the Void -- ever lose its individual identity as a holistic trinity (since 
even the infinitely compressed spinergy must be connected similarly to its 
zero-point Void). Thus, the Monad has BOTH a temporary AND an eternal 
existence -- being both noumena and phenomena -- the "thing in itself," and, 
also, the thing that "comes and goes." 

It also demonstrates why all individual consciousness (of no matter what 
degree of self awareness) is integral with the universal consciousness -- 
since the zero-point void is everywhere within the circumferences of all the 
infinite monadic fields (including the finite group of Human monads) -- both 
potential and actual that make up the Universal Reality -- whether manifest 
or unmanifest, conditioned or unconditioned. The only thing illusory from 
the standpoint of the void, or center of consciousness, is the cyclic 
existence of the phenomenal Monad -- while the noumenal Monad always remains 
potentially existent (in essence).

Since this fundamental trinity relates to ALL fields, and since the energy of 
those fields emanate from a "singularity" or zero-point -- that 
void-point-space must be in eternal abstract motion that can only be 
described as primal (absolute) Space spinning around itself at infinite 
angular momentum. Such "spinergy," cannot be divisible, and must be governed 
by the fundamental and immutable law of cycles that determines the nature of 
all forms emanating from it -- which to exist as such, must also be monadic 
as well as triune (e.g., From fundamental spherical geometry, it takes three 
cycles to spin (in a Mobius-type closed knot) a continually regenerated 
(beginningless and endless) circle from and connected to a single central 
point). Note, the word cycle means "Circular movement around a point or 
about an axis." 

Thus, the first separate linear form of limited (2D) space must be a triangle 
(three points), while the first linear regular solid form of extended (3D) 
space must be a tetrahedron (4 points, 3 triangle sides) -- extending to an 
octahedron (6 points, 8 triangle sides) and a cube (8 points, 6 square sides) 
and, thence, to an icosahedron (12 points, 20 triangle sides) and a 
dodecahedron (20 points, 12 pentagonal sides) -- all inscribed, one inside 
the other (coadunate) within a single surrounding sphere. (incidentally, 
these are among the most significant of all the "sacred numbers.") 

Interestingly, this description of the Primal Monad, is entirely consistent 
with Krishna's statement in the Bhagavad Gita, "I created this universe from 
one small part of myself, and yet remain separate" (undiminished and 
unchanged). Implying that, whatever energetic qualities exist in the 
manifest universe within and between its separate monads, still have their 
potential energetic qualities tied up in the "spinergy" of the unmanifest 
primal Monad. This is obvious, since all the formative information gained in 
the previous Manvantara that is repeated in the present Manvantara, must be 
encoded or carried as vibrational patterns on the spin rays of the monadic 
fields that was transferred to the patterns of the primal "spinergy" in the 
Pralaya. Incidentally, this encoding of the zero-point spinergy related to 
every Monad is what is referred to in theosophy as a "Laya point." All 
Hermetic and theosophical teachings are entirely consistent with this 
description of the triune "form" of the singular Monad -- that must forever 
be repeated in every form in the cosmos as well as in their noumenal encoding 
(of their form and experience) in the eternal (primal) "spinergy" or Akasha 
accompanying each Laya Point.

>Blavatsky knew this very well, and she deliberately used the term
>"monads" for mental concepts of monads. A human monad, a vegetable
>monad, and so on, are not monads at all because they are divisible.
>The atma-buddhi monad is not a true monad either because it is
>divisible. But it is relatively monadic from our human viewpoint, and
>so she used the name. This kind of thing is called a blind in occult
>terminology. Those who don't know better, who are not initiated, will
>take her "monads" as if they were eternal things or objects existing
>in time and space. Those who know better, who have been initiated,
>will see through these blinds and realize that these "monads" are not
>true monads, and are in fact divisible and thus cannot be eternal
>except relatively.

Guess you are not initiated (at least at the level necessary to understand 
the true nature of the Monad) -- since the highest initiates know better. 
Nor do you seem to understand the real esoteric concept of Sunyata or 
"emptiness" of the Void (which HPB understood and thoroughly explained in the 
SD -- for those intuitive students who know how to see and read "in, under, 
around, behind, through and between " her metaphors, glyphs and symbolism's 
-- which are the only "blinds.") Each student will gather different levels of 
"truth" from those "blinds" depending on the level of "awakening" of their 
"intuition" at each "initiation" level along the path. 

As said above, a Monad cannot be divided, since the duality we experience 
phenomenally cannot exist except within a triad, as a singular Monad. The 
three indivisible coadunate but not consubstantial fields that make up the 
Atma-Buddhi-Manas of the human being (or any Monad) are identical to the 
three analogous aspects of the Monad that is the Cosmos or Brahma (and also 
its forerunners, Parabrahm, and ParaParabrahm, etc.) -- All of which Must by 
the nature of fundamental Law emanate from the identical (coadunate) zero 
point Void. Therefore the pattern of lines of force that make up such monads 
are inherent in the primal spinergy of THAT primal entity or Void which 
stands as the endless and beginningless reality of all that ever is, was or 
ever will be. Therefore, Atma, Buddhi and Manas cannot be separated, nor can 
one exist independently of the others, both in the manifested phenomenal 
Cosmos, as well as the unmanifest noumenal Cosmos. This explains why their 
can be an infinite number of conscious beings in the universe -- ALL of them 
>The following is something that I learned in my travels. It is a key
>to use when reading Blavatsky: A MONAD THAT IS INDIVISIBLE IS ETERNAL

What has traveling got to do with knowledge of esoteric reality? This advice 
or "key" makes absolutely no sense -- since a Monad, by definition, cannot be 
divided... And, also, because the basic elements of all life, 
Atma-Buddhi-Manas, Mulaprakriti-Perusha-Prakriti, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, 
Kether-Binah-Chochma, Tamas-Sattva-Rajas, etc., etc., etc., are forever in 
both phenomenal or noumenal existence, eternal and inseparable Monadic 

Unless one wishes to confuse theosophists (or anyone searching for wisdom) by 
negating the fundamental occult, theosophical, and scientific laws of 
"symmetry" and "conservation" (of force or mass-energy), as well as deny the 
Laws that govern karma... Conditioned Reality (which is the "formed" energies 
of the "eternal abstract motion" of the Void) has nothing to do with the 
eternality or inherent indivisibility of the manifest phenomenal Monads. 
Neither has unconditioned Reality (that you, wrongly labeled, "Ultimate 
Reality") -- which is the forms of the conditioned Reality compressed into 
the "spinergy" or abstract motion of the Void -- anything to do with the 
eternality or inherent indivisibility of the unmanifest noumenal Monad. 

In my view, as well as HPB's -- there can be only ONE REALITY or Primal SPACE 
-- that exists simultaneously as BOTH abstract noumena (unconditioned 
Reality) and concrete phenomena (conditioned Reality). This tangible and 
intangible, triune SPACE -- since it cannot be imagined without its 
zero-point singularity's, or voids, and their spinergy, in continuous flux -- 
is, thus, an eternal trinity. Therefore, all Monads (as lawful reflections 
of the primal Monad) once expressed as an individuality, must remain 
eternally existent whether as nominally encoded primal force or as phenomenal 
material form. Although, individual Monadic existence can range between any 
temporary or permanent degree of conscious or unconscious awareness, from 
complete negation of connection to the Cosmic Consciousness (the Aware 
zero-point Void plus its spinergy containng the patterns of all its 
accumulated experience and knowledge) -- or complete absorbtion within that 
consciousness -- while never losing its fundamental individuality (along with 
its share of experience and knowledge). 

Thus, as the Kabbala speaks of the Monad; "First a Stone, then a Plant, then 
an Animal, then a Man, then an Angel, then a God"... Awake or asleep, alive 
or dead, in or out of a form, no such Monad as noumena or phenomena can ever 
cease to exist -- so long as it's inherent positive spinergy is not 
negatively reversed and it ends up in Avitchi. In addition, while no monad 
can be divided, those inner aspects of each Monad are also Monads -- with the 
same triune form when manifest -- ad infinitum... But, all that, as food for 
thought, can only be imagined or conceived of by those really "initiated" or 
"chosen" -- however accomplished -- with or without a living "initiator" 
(which are other koans or "blinds" to think about). 

Best wishes, 


P.S. Please be aware that none of the above statements, assertions or 
concepts should be taken as a definitive or true description of reality -- 
without thorough testing its consistency with the Three Fundamental 
Principles, the formulas in Book of Dzyan, along with the metaphysical 
teachings in the SD -- as well as confirming its logic and reasonableness 
using ones individual intuition tempered by reason. 

"May you all arrive at the next terrace on your path to enlightenment." (HPB)

>Jerry S.


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