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re "shoreline Theosophy" and ...

Jan 26, 2003 09:56 PM
by Mauri

If, as per Judge, Theosophy is like an ocean, shallow along 
the surface and deep in the center, does that mean that all 
"shoreline Theosophists" privately and publicly portray 
themselves as such? Or could there be those who might feel 
that, having studied Theosophy, esoterics, religions for many, 
many years, at least in the present life, (and possibly in past 
lives, as well), that as a result of those present-sense, 
sum-total studies/efforts and intuitions (whether also drawn 
from past lives or not), such efforts, (alone?), ought to 
represent the criteria by which they should be judged as to 
whether they are "shoreline" or "deeper Theosophists," (ie, 
regardless of the nature of their innate understanding of 
Theosophy, esoterics, and "life" issues, in general, as derived 
from present and past-life experiences?)? That is, how, and 
by whom, is anybody to be judged as to their status as 
Theosophists? The theory about "shoreline" and "deeper" 
seems relevant, to me, in a way, but the practical application 
of such a theory might be tricky?

I suspect that some shoreline Theosophists (from a "deeper 
perspective"?) might not be willing to be thought of as 
shoreline Theosophists, so they might tend to act out their 
frustrations in various ways, in that some of them might feel 
that they have, for example, excelled in mainstream 
scholastics, have a high IQ, are excellent scholars, have an 
excellent memory of the many "relevant" books they have 
read, have "studied Theosophy" for many, many years, etc, 
etc ...

As I see it, a question for Theosophists, in general, might be: 
how does a Theosophist deal with such frustrations (or 
"possible shortcomings"?) when they surface privately or 
publicly ...


PS I suppose one might say (and I might tend to agree) that 
that "Speculatively" might be meant as an indication of my 
frustration, in a sense, (among other things?), with my feeling 
that I seem to be at some shoreline of ... something, maybe ... 
^:-) ...

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