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Re: Theos-World RE: Re to Dallas - Buddhism

Jan 23, 2003 12:24 PM
by wry

Hi.. .What do you do, just go to the index and look something up and then
post it out here? The passage from HPB you have quoted is not relevant to
this discussion as it does NOT serve to clarify the issue in question. Plus
the wording in your message makes it sound it like Jerry said that HPB was
against Buddhism. I am starting to notice you use words this way a lot. It
is sad. If Jerry is really your friend, why would you do this, as it makes
him sound bad and yourself sound good? I have some problems with Jerry, but
he is trying to communicate with you sincerely and in good faith, plus he is
somewhat knowledgeable on a subject you understand zilch about. Wry

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> Why should H P B be against Buddhism? Unless she was making it plain
> that the structure of belief and practice built by some of his
> follower was different from what he had originally said and meant.
> Here is what the Mahatma, writing to Sinnett said::
> snip

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