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Re: Theos-World RE: Part II Two Egos

Jan 23, 2003 08:49 AM
by adelasie

Dear Dallas,

Thanks for your essay. As always you put things in a perspective that 
allows me to clarify what I am working on. In another post today you 
discussed the word "fundamentalism" in a way that makes it obvious to 
me at least that this word, used in a pejorative way by some, is 
actually a good description of a process by which one can arrive at 
some real substantial guidelines for life. And this is the real 
strength of Theosophy, or the ancient teaching, to my mind, that it 
offers the student a way to proceed in life in a conscious way, 
providing basic principles which, when applied to life's problems, 
straighten out the tangles and make it possible to go on. Since I 
started studying Theosophy, I find that everything I encounter in 
life fits in the framework of its teachings. Astrology, for instance, 
works for me because I was taught from the beginning to use it 
according to the principles of right living given in Theosophical 
teachings. I know that this kind of acceptance doesn't work for some 
(as is evident in comments on these lists, for instance) but it is 
what makes life possible for me. It has always seemed to me very 
important, not only to sincerely apply oneself to the study of these 
teachings, but to make them an integral part of daily life, putting 
the principles into action. Any success I have found in life, in any 
arena thereof, is a result of my attempt to behave according to what 
I am able to understand of the teachings of Theosophy. And when I 
fail, as often happens, an honest examination of the situation always 
points out to me which basic, fundamental, principles have been 
ignored. I wonder how else a person is supposed to know what is true, 
unless he can find within himself some resonance with the ancient 
teachings, which are, after all, the distillation of the evolution of 
consciousness of the human race. 

Hoping all is well with you,

On 23 Jan 2003 at 3:16, wrote:

> Jan 20 2003
> Dear Adelasie:
> Believe me it is not me at all -- I simply have put in a lot of time
> during this life and kept notes.
> It is THEOSOPHY we all have to thanks and especially H P B and the
> Masters.
> They sacrificed so that we would have this available as a kind of
> rope-ladder to use if we wish to spiritualize our lives and
> aspirations. So all reverence is due to THEM.
> As to the future -- karma will direct it so as to equilibrize all
> things, us included. Since we are "immortals, that future will just
> glide by. It is to my way of thinking only the personality who is
> fearful, worried, curious, etc... all emotions.

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