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RE: Part II Two Egos

Jan 23, 2003 03:21 AM
by dalval14

Jan 20 2003

Dear Adelasie:

Believe me it is not me at all -- I simply have put in a lot of time
during this life and kept notes.

It is THEOSOPHY we all have to thanks and especially H P B and the

They sacrificed so that we would have this available as a kind of
rope-ladder to use if we wish to spiritualize our lives and
aspirations. So all reverence is due to THEM.

As to the future -- karma will direct it so as to equilibrize all
things, us included. Since we are "immortals, that future will just
glide by. It is to my way of thinking only the personality who is
fearful, worried, curious, etc... all emotions.

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> From: adelasie []
> Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 7:19 AM
> I certainly would not argue with your statements. But I offer, at
> same time, my own experience, as a demonstration that one can learn
> from any discipline. Astrology may be partially understood in the
> present time, and full of blinds, but it does ring true, to the mind
> that is given a few real keys.
> > But of what use is "astrology?" Does it say anything deeper?
does it
> > tell us how to behave? Can it help us develop our character? Does
> > speak to the future? And what have to fear or look forward to in
> that
> > future? Does it teach us to try to doge the inevitable? What are
> > curious about? Karma? Our own situation or that of a "group?"
> > why bother anyway?
> The study of astrology has taught me the cyclic nature of all
> existence, the unity of all life, the interconnectedness and
> interdependence of stars and planets, the cosmos and mankind and all
> life. It has taught me to learn about who I am and what I am doing
> this earth, and to help some others see some aspects of their own
> natures. Self-knowledge is the first step toward self-control, and
> this respect astrology can be quite helpful. Astrology helps me to
> consciously adjust the rhythm of my life to fit more harmoniously
> with the greater rhythm of nature, of which I am a part and within
> which I live, and to help others to do the same, if they are
> interested. I don't dispute the negative aspect of a study of
> astrology that you present. But I want to express that this science,
> inexact and abused as it is, is a wonderful tool and can be very
> instructive and helpful in one's life.
> Sincerely,
> Adelasie


friends and Adelasie:

To continue ---


But the Inner Monad is unaffected ( see S D I 174-5 footnote. )

On S D I 266-7 we find that the "Watcher" is spoken of -- the
HIGHER SELF within. It is this divine Monad who sacrifices its
"position" to incarnate in the "form" that becomes ready. The "form"
is made up of innumerable Monads ( of lesser experience) and it is for
thee that this "voluntary incarnation" occurs. ( see also S D I
207-210 )

The result is the startling information that there are two Egos in
man. ( S D II 167, 254-5 )

That takes a bit of meditation. There are a number of references on
this in the S D and if you wish I can send them to you.

In the meantime here is a short essay and some thoughts and references
to look over. My there are a lot -- sorry, throw them away


Question/Statement on passages in The SECRET DOCTRINE
[ S D I 148, II 318, I 428-9, I 574 ]

DTB I would put whatever is worthy in a section called "A
Student's Notes, Guesses and Surmises" and arrange them under
subjects -- with an index for quick reference. The only possible
disadvantage is that in some ways, I may have been inaccurate or not
explained the links well enough; and secondly, some students will
think they can memorize these and use them without the background of
extensive study and an effort to personally integrate the scattered
teachings so as to make of the mosaic a connected design.

It is far better for students (which we all are) to do their own study
and research and assemble the "pieces" -- I am convinced that those
are deliberately scattered so that the student has to seek them, and
in so doing they become aware of analogies and correspondences that
otherwise would have escaped them if they read only "linearly."

The 3 (or 4, perhaps more -- 10 it does not matter as all are ONE)
dimensioned structure of Theosophy is really an historical account of
the observations of the Mahatmas and their chelas in all departments
of Nature (the Earth, and our Universe) over every cycle and period of
time, day by day, month by month, year by year -- so that to Them, the
( S D I 272-3 )

For us (since we cannot yet bring the Atmic (akasic ?) Memory down
into our present brain-minds) it is theoretical and we trust and rely
on the expressions of the S.D. and other writings because we have
tested some of those and fund them to be true for ourselves.

That experience of discovery for others ought no to be denied. They
need to be encouraged to do that work. Imagine H.P.B. and the Masters
setting up a well-ordered logical TEXT-BOOK with diagrams, etc...
would that be of interest to anything but Scholars? How would the
"woman and the man in the street" secure an entry-way into the inner
KNOWLEDGE that is everyone's birthright ?


There is the HIGHER SELF ( Atma-Buddhi-Manas) and the LOWER SELF a
kind of
reflection of the HIGHER in the conjoined principles of LOWER MANAS
and KAMA
(DESIRES AND PASSIONS) Prana and the Astral Body -- the physical
being a consolidation on our plane of Astral matter.

This relates to the duality of the Mind Principle. By free-choice it
can in each of us ally itself either with the Immortal and the
Universal HIGHER SELF or with the evanescent Personal SELF -- the
embodied brain-mind.

There are a number of good references to help us with this study.

The first concept we need to grasp is the IMMORTALITY OF THE HIGHER

MONAD -- That while in evolution, the immortal part of each human
is the MONAD ( or ATMA (spirit) conjoined indissolubly with BUDDHI
(the speck (?) of PRIMORDIAL MATTER ).

MIND -- While in evolution, MANAS (the Mind principle --
Perceiver, Thinker, rememberer, anticipator) is closely associated
with the immortal MONAD; and, in effect, during Manvantara
(manifestation) every minutest part of Nature (including the root of
man's consciousness) is endowed with the same identical potencies
because of this never-to-be-destroyed relationship.

CONSCIOUSNESS -- Man's "consciousness is ONE, and not many although
he PERCEIVES on every plane of being he passes through or acts on.
Added to this is the fact that every MONAD is in immediate association
with every other Monad, and shares in its memories, experiences, and

wise it does so because it has made itself entirely harmless to every
other being The wisdom and power of the entire universe lies awaiting
the touch of the Master Magician.

WISDOM -- But to become wise the Ego has at all times and with no
possible exceptions be an ALTRUIST. As a BUDDHA ( or Wise One) he
must serve Nature and all her evolving creatures. His responsibility
is enormous as he becomes a portion of the Universal KARMA of LIFE.
His responsibility is, then, to assist and follow the LAW OF KARMA,
while lending to the World and Mankind his special wisdom and the
present EXAMPLE OF RIGHT LIVELIHOOD he exhibits at all times.


We have in each of us two (2) Egos: the Higher and the Lower. And
yet, we function as though there was only one center of Consciousness
that operates in us. In SECRET DOCTRINE II 167, H P B explains that
the higher works through the lower as an intensification of the
spiritual perceptive power.

The Perceiver within -- Higher Manas -- is aware of Theosophy as an
exposition of the whole scheme of spiritual evolution designed to
assist "matter" to raise itself back to the unity of the ONE.

Broadly we can say that the MONAD spoken of in The SECRET DOCTRINE has
two poles.

The 1st pole, the Highest is THE ABSOLUTE (represented cyclically in
manifestation as Universal ATMAN).

The 2nd pole is "Matter," and HUMANITY is the highest developing
consciousness emerging from "matter" in evolution. Hence all and
every aspect of "matter" has to pass through the "human" stage in its
individual progress back to the SPIRITUAL ALL. The whole of "matter"
has to be used, purified and "raised" by mankind back to unity with
the ONE.

The Universal SPIRIT is ATMA -- and is universal and impersonal. It
is said that a "ray" of the Universal ATMA is a part of the seven-fold
principles. It provides a focus for the self-generation (through
evolution) of the most spiritual substance: BUDDHI (Mula-Prakriti,
Root Substance, Primordial Matter, Maha-Buddhi, etc...). The "field"
of progress is earth-life and reincarnation is the process.

Hence, the word "Monad," relates to BUDDHI, or the highest spiritual
intelligent substance. This serves as a link between Mankind (Lower
Manas in evolution) and ATMA. In The SECRET DOCTRINE, the "Monad in
evolution" is called ATMA-BUDDHI, but, H P B says we ought to think
of the Monad as BUDDHI.

The inseparable duad, she says, is Atma and Mankind is at the lowest

The Manas (higher) is universal and impersonal (Mahat, Universal Mind,
Universal Soul). A "ray" of this projects a "shadow" in the form of
the material man engaged in self-evolution: the Lower Manas. It
therefore is dual: and has a "higher" and a "lower" aspect.
[Impersonal and selfish.]

The faculties and uses of the Mind cause its "shadow"(Lower Manas) to
be subdivided into several working areas. They are named correct
cognition, misconception, fancy, sleep (or unconsciousness), and
memory. (Patanjali, p. 4).

The real perceptive faculty is directed by the inner Perceiver (Higher
Manas, Soul) through the use of the will. It employs concentration,
selection and attention. [ see PATANJALI - YOGA SUTRAS] To achieve
these a firm position has to be assumed over the emotions and desires
to control them. Dispassion (overcoming the distractions of the
desire-principle) is to be used to lead to a perception of the "Soul"
as all-present.

Meditation is the faculty used by the "higher aspect" of the Lower
Mind, of concentration and attention to investigate itself. In this,
it may discover the meaning and relationship of the laws of Nature in
regard to ourselves and all others. It may be broadly divided into:
argument, deliberation, ecstasy or 'beatitude,' discrimination, and
EGOISM (or a knowledge of all the powers and range of the Soul's
powers and energies).

THE SOUL IS THE MIND. The real perceptive faculty is the power of the
mind (will) used when it is detached from the distractions of the
sense impressions, the emotional nature, and any aspects of memory or
fancy that might divert it from its chosen goal: to know and
understand a TRUTH. This has also been called the "Higher-Mind." [

The mind that is enveloped in desires, distractions, amusement, fancy,
and lack of purpose is called the "Lower-Mind" (Kama-Manas). In
physical man its chief instrument is the brain. The brain records the
sense impressions and monitors the innumerable operations that relate
to the health of the physical body.

Patanjali, for instance, states that the whole Universe is called into
being for the development of the "Soul." (p. 24-5) ( the Lower Mind
has to be transformed by its OWN EFFORTS and its own SELF-DISCIPLINE,
chosen by it, so that it becomes INDIVIDUALIZED, impersonalized and
universal in outlook ).

It is the Lower Manas that has to transform itself entirely into
HIGHER MANAS (or BUDDHI-MANAS) and thus, it becomes, so to say, the
"new" MAHATMA.

In this effort, generated and sustained by itself, it (the personal
Lower Manas) is assisted by the whole host of Elder Brothers, those
who have already become MAHATMAS.

In effect: the immortal Monad emerges from the "Monadic Essence (S D
I 619) and by dint of experience and self-devised effort, it develops
the instinct and then the intellect, and thereafter refines the
intellect (which is Kama-enwrapped) out of the concepts of the
transitory "personality," into the unlimited fields and timelessness
of the true Immortal, the INDIVIDUALITY that it is -- and thus secure
SILENCE pp 72 to 79]

There is the ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS of a spiritual Sage. It is in each of
us, humans, without exception. It is also called the HIGHER SELF.
The HIGHER EGO is BUDDHI-MANAS. Between it and the KAMA-MANAS is the
thread of connection to that LOWER MANAS (the "son" of Mind) -- to
that present consciousness which is ours.

It (the divine Man, working through the Mind) is seated in a highly
developed Kamic nature (instinct), and these two begin working
together [the Spiritual] as an advisor, or a tutor only, not as an
enforcer -- see what H P B says in TRANSACTIONS OF THE BLAVATSKY LODGE
between pp. 66 and 76 on the nightly confabulations of the Embodied
mind with the Higher Self during "deep seep"] .

There are some other pages in The SECRET DOCTRINE worth reading: S D
II 254-5, 58, 79-80, 225, 247, 272, 275, 573, 638-9 . This may sound
like a lot, but in truth it is very interesting. Mr. Judge in the
OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY gives the explanation of the "mystery" in a general
but also in a true way as can be found in ( Ocean, pp 25, 27-29,
53-59, 60-63 )

Theosophy opens the door to an understanding of this situation, and
outlines the process of self-development that every human being can
voluntarily undertake. It starts with the concept, and expresses it as
a hope and a promise : Universal Brotherhood.

Best wishes


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