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Re: Theos-World OH ES

Jan 21, 2003 08:44 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

MKR wrote:
> >The Outer Heads of the (Adyar) ES were:
> >
> >President TS OH ES
> >
> >Annie Besant Annie Besant
> >George Arundale Charles Leadbeater
> > C. Jinarajadasa
> >C.Jinarajadasa C. Jinarajadasa
> >N.Sri Ram I.K.Taimni
> >John Coates Radha Burnier
> >Radha Burnier Radha Burnier
> Not quite correct.
> N Sri Ram was the OH succeeding CJ; and IKT succeeded Sri Ram.


Consider the following: An official of the Liberal Catholic Church
should not even be a MEMBER of the Esoteric Section, much less a leader.

Explanation: The priesthood of the LCC is exclusively male. This, in
itself, may be considered in violation of the 1st Object of the TS.
However, let's say that Leadbeater was correct, and the energies of the
Eucharist can only be transmitted through a male. There is a further
problem, with NO excuse: The BUSINESS affairs of the LCC are run by the
priesthood. This automatically excludes women from THAT. Therefore, the
LCC is an organization which is not in keeping with the 1st Object of
the Theosophical Society. To be an official of such an organization is a
denial of the 1st Object, and therefore has no business being in the
Esoteric Section. Especially considering that later Outer Heads have
changed the conditions for being an E.S. member, sometimes inserting
their own personal petty bigotries.

I would appreciate comments, ESPECIALLY from those who disagree with me
(and feel they can prove me wrong; I am quite willing to be convinced).

Bart Lidofsky

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