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Re: Theos-World Re: Nature of Love

Jan 21, 2003 08:23 AM
by Nick Weeks

From: "Zack Lansdowne" <>
> Are you familiar with James M. Pryse?

Yes. He lived in East Los Angeles for many years; but before my time.

> Pryse's book, "The Apocalypse Unsealed," is an extensive treatise on the
> chakras, in the context of interpreting the symbols of the Book of
> Revelation [.....]

Have not read the book in many a year, but I recall it had much more to do
with treating the book of Revelation as a treatise on initiation than chakras.

The chakras are effects not causes. Keep your consciousness noble or
selflessless as best you can and the chakras will take care of themselves.

>So, at least one close associate of HPB has written
> extensively on the chakras. [...]

That is nice, but HPB & her Gurus did not; and I pay far more attention to
HPB & her Gurus.

Yes, I am aware of the few lines on kundalini in HPB's corpus, which is why I
said she & her Gurus wrote "very little" on the subject. If their emphasis
was not on kundalini & chakras, but on virtue for its own sake, selfless
behavior etc.; then I take that very emphasis as an important teaching in

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