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Re: Nature of Love

Jan 21, 2003 07:24 AM
by Zack Lansdowne

Nicholas Weeks wrote:
> Chakras eh? Why am I not surprised? But if that is the way you see it -
> be it.
> However, HPB & her Gurus taught very little about such matters; except to
> of their dangers. In fact she mentioned in the Esoteric Section teachings
> that the blessed Masters have regard for "only such as square their
> with the rules hinted at... in the 2nd & 3rd Treatises." of the Voice.
> emphasis)

Are you familiar with James M. Pryse? He worked closedly with HPB, and my
understanding (I could be wrong) is that Pryse served as HPB's personal
secretary. For a photo showing Pryse with HPB, see
HPB's Collected Writings, vol. 12, describe James Pryse as: "Outstanding
Theosophical worker and writer.... a man of great probity and of unselfish
devotion to the principles of Theosophy and the objectives of our Movement."

Pryse's book, "The Apocalypse Unsealed," is an extensive treatise on the
chakras, in the context of interpreting the symbols of the Book of
Revelation (the last book in the Christian Bible). For example, Pryse
writes: "As it [the latent Kundalini] passes from one ganglion to another
its voltage is raised, the ganglia being like so many electric cells coupled
for intensity; and moreover in each ganglion, or chakra, it liberates and
partakes of the quality peculiar to that centre, and it is then said to
'conquer' the chakra." So, at least one close associate of HPB has written
extensively on the chakras.

In my opinion, there is a passage in HPB's Voice of the Silence that gives
instruction concerning the chakras: "Let the fiery power retire into the
chamber, the chamber of the Heart.... Then from the heart that Power shall
rise into the sixth, the middle
region, the place between thine eyes." Compare that quotation with the
following quotation from Bailey (Discipleship in New Age, vol. II), who says
that meditation has "the stage of raising the energy of the heart centre
into the head centre." One can also find similar instruction regarding the
chakras in Sri Aurobindo's writings.

Zack Lansdowne

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