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Re: Theos-World Nature of Love

Jan 20, 2003 09:55 AM
by Nick Weeks

From: "Zack Lansdowne" <>
> There is a section in VS that describes the "seven portals" and refers to
> the "sevenfold Path." My interpretation is that the spiritual journey can
> be characterized as a sevenfold Path and the seven portals represent the
> seven chakras. HPB's description in VS for each portal provides the key for
> mastering the corresponding stage on the spiritual journey and awakening the
> corresponding chakra.

Chakras eh? Why am I not surprised? But if that is the way you see it - so
be it.

However, HPB & her Gurus taught very little about such matters; except to warn
of their dangers. In fact she mentioned in the Esoteric Section teachings
that the blessed Masters have regard for "only such as square their BEHAVIOR
with the rules hinted at... in the 2nd & 3rd Treatises." of the Voice. (my

Focus simply on acting, thinking, feeling & speaking (or writing) with less
self centeredness and more selflessness. Or as Buddha put it:
Never practice vice,
Always practice virtue,
Purify your mind;
This is the teaching of all Buddhas

Fare Thee Well,


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