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Re: Theos-World OH ES

Jan 22, 2003 06:43 AM
by Steve Stubbs " <>

--- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@s...> wrote:
> LCC is an organization which is not in keeping with the 1st Object 
> the Theosophical Society. To be an official of such an organization 
is a
> denial of the 1st Object, and therefore has no business being in the
> Esoteric Section.

You may be right, but consider this line of argument:

The Esoteric Section's name was changed to the Esoteric SCHOOL of 
Theosophy (EST)

The motivation behind this was to make clear that the EST is not a 
section of the TS like the American, British, etc., sections are

The point of that was that the EST is not a part of the TS, even 
though TS membership was a precondition of membership in the EST

That said, it makes sense that the EST might excuse itself from 
complying with or even recognizing the three objects. Most 
Theosophists do not pay any attention to the three objects. Ehy 
should the EST?

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