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Re: Theos-World Re: A clear comparision of one central thing

Jan 19, 2003 04:32 PM
by Nick Weeks

From: "James Davis" <>

> I'm in complete agreement with all you say above, and AAB is as well.
> In essence, spirit is unlimited. Probably, I relied too much on your
> reading my meaning between the lines. The is a bit of related
> thought at this corner of my web page:

Yes, we are all deeper & better than we know. But not all "spiritual" words
have an "arc of light" between them, some are surrounded by smoke and stench.

Somewhere HPB(?) defined intuition as a sensing of a general, not a specific
truth. Thus, I (and many others) were attracted to Bailey because we
intuitively sensed that the ideas of an Occult Brotherhood; our divine nature
as individuals etc. were true. However we mistakenly assumed that the
specific form those notions took in her channelled verbiage were an accurate
reflection of the root ideas. We were wrong; they were distorted to the point
of opposition in many cases. That is where logic & discrimination comes in
and must be used.

> NW> Our minds are the one source of good & evil, truth & error. If our
> NW> or feelings are based on error we attract from the astral light living
> NW> entities of a similar false nature. This makes the search for, and
finding of
> NW> truth more & more difficult. As long as we prefer peace, good feelings,
> NW> harmony et al instead of truth, the possibility of delusion &
> NW> greater suffering is there. Since AAB/CWL teachings are not rooted in
> NW> truthful current of HPB & her Gurus, only greater delusion and sorrow
> NW> those who are fully invested in those Blue books' notions.

> Except for the last sentence in your paragraph above, I'm in complete
> agreement with you. As to the last, I understand your viewpoint. But
> what I want to say to you is on this page:

Yes, blessings from Friends can happen. But only because we have earned (or
will earn) it. So it is better not to put too much stock in such help. As
Shankara puts it: " The realization of Truth is brought about by
discrimination, not in the least by any number of good activities... The
conviction of the Truth is seen to proceed from reasoning upon the salutary
counsel of the wise and not by any other practice... One who has a strong
intellect, who is a learned in argument based on scripture; he is qualified to
seek the Spirit." VIVEKACHUDAMANI 11, 13, 16

Fare Thee Well,


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